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A booklet on the current Senior High is being designed for the opening of the new Senior High. We are interested in history and the memories alumni might have and would want to share. Please email anything you might want to say about the old building and your time there.Thank you, Teresita Kolenchak

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"Oh Penn High School, our best we pledge to you. The days that we have spent here, we always will hold dear. Oh RED and GOLD, staunch friends we are foretold. Forever we'll be loyal to our Penn High School..."


Penn Hills People is dedicated to all Penn Hills residents and Penn Hills High School students and grads. We at Penn Hills People invite you to join us, and participate in preserving those fond memories of our youth and what made Penn Hills such a great place to grow up.



I-N-D-I-A-N-S Cheer for...

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Production video for the new Penn Hills Senior High School. This video represented the major spaces contained within the new building as it is intended to be constructed. All video content was created by Architectural Innovations. Authors: Robert A. Christman & Brian B. Hengelsberg

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