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How great to see the zoo as I remember it! And the Moo shop is pretty accurate. Spent many an afterschool afternoon there! I would love to see photos of the original Hebron School if anyone has one? I remember when it burned down -- and the original Churchill Valley Country Club building. Susan Walsh ('64)

Does anyone remember a teacher by the name of Dan Malady? He was a student teacher at Dible Elementary when we were in 6th grade there... Mary Anderson


Olde Frothingslosh

One of the more unique brands of beer has been Pittsburgh Brewings Olde Frothingslosh. It was invented as a joke by Pittsburgh radio station KDKAs Rege Cordic in the early 1950s. The local brewer picked up the idea as a humorous Christmastime promotion and the pale stale ale ended up as the inspiration for about 30 different beer cans, most created specifically for collectors.

These are photos of the original post office for Penn Hills.



My husband and I were wondering if anyone remembers Gary Hilinki's black room. If so, we would love to hear from Gary and Thadine Hilinski '71

Do you remember getting "The Pick-Way Special" shoes at the Penn Hills Shopping Center. Two pair for $5.00, because that's all you could afford?
Ray Schamus '79

Does any one remember the great basketball games inside Penn Jr High EVERY holiday  vacation?The tradition started in 1959.The schools would close but we wanted to play basketball so we would find anybody's little sister brave enough to go into the girls restroom,climb up & unlock the window.We all told our parents we were staying at a different house. One agile person would climb up,open the window & open a door for the rest of us. Returning college guys would organize the teams & we played all nite long ! This tradition continued well into OUR college years. NEVER damaged a thing,just wanted to play some HOOPS ! Why didn't Penn Hills have a few gyms open during holidays any way ??? TL '61

THE  MAGNIFICENT 7: I wonder if Mr. B (Birmingham), saved a spot for the magnificent 7 in his book. The seven football starters that  were almost removed from the team the week before our first playoff game. Cocktail evidence left behind on the field did us in. Just kidding! Dino Romito ' 77

DO YOU REMEMBER? (Denis Altenburger '70)
Click on the Bazooka wrapper to skip down memory lane.


I got this Duke window light from a bar in Oakmont..The owner couldn't get the sign to light up, so he was going to throw it out. I said "Hey, wait a minute! I' ll have that... !" The sign is now repaired, works fine, and hangs prominently in my gameroom. (Name withheld by request)

Remember Duquesne Beer?

Does anyone remember Schwartzel's General Store at the intersection of Universal and Jefferson Roads? I used to ride my bike up Universal Road and get penny candy there, and check out the puppys or kittens or whatever they
had around at the time. (Man, that hill was tough to go up, but a blast to go back down!) I can still hear the creak of those old wooden floors when you walked in the front door (after the bell on the door rang), and I can still see those old wooden and glass display cases they had the candy displayed in. Then there were those old gas pumps that stood out there until the place was knocked down for the new intersection. I also remember being a new driver when I had to navigate that intersection, and am I glad I had an old Impala with a BIG ENGINE to get me the heck out of the way when I was trying to get through that mess! According to my father, that store was there long before most of the houses and the shopping center and in their younger days, Mr. & Mrs. Schwartzel actually had a "one-man" mining operation in the woods between Jefferson and Universal roads. They used to start early and get a few truckloads out for those who had coal furnaces, then they would go open the store. I remember finding a few entrances to those old mines when I was a kid playing and riding bikes on the trails through those woods. What an adventure . . .
John DeLuca, PHHS '80  Webmaster note: If anyone has any pictures of Schwartzel's Store we would appreciate you sharing them with us. Thank you...


Belloti's Bakery

The LaBarbe in Monroeville


This is the Miracle Mile Shopping Center on Route 22 in Monroeville.. (Circa 1962?)  Note the the old cars in the photo, and the SUN DRUG ! Mark Stefanides '76

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This is the Burger Chef that was once located on Rte 30 in Irwin. Mark Stefanides '76

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This is The Greater Pittsburgh Drive-in, located on Rte 30 in North Versailles. An Eat'n Park and a WalMart now stand on this  hallowed ground. Mark Stefanides '76



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Here is a 1955 photo of Allegheny Ave. in Oakmont. Mark Stefanides '76


Here is a postcard I have from the Pittsburgh Zoo... As I recall ,,this building was used to house the Elephants,and Giraffes,, The other half of this building was used to house and display reptiles... This building stood in about the same area as where the african exhibit now stands.. There was also a large totem pole which was located near the steps of this building...enjoy Mark Stefanides '76

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Here is a photo of Penn Ave in East Liberty from the mid 50's. Notice the   ISALY'S, and the street car cables. Oh to go back to those days! Mark Stefanides '76

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The Wm Penn Motel in Monroeville
I remember during the 60's, the Pittsburgh Pirates would put visiting teams up in this motel; sounds kinda cheap for Major League Baseball. But I met Lou Brock, Mike Shannon, and Tim McCarver in the neighboring Burger King as a kid. The three St Louis Cardinal stars told us that they were staying in the Wm Penn Motel next door! Mark Stefanides '76

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"The Mooo Shoppe" The Mooo Shoppe was owned and operated by the Bickford Corporation, who also owned the "Cork and Bottle Restaurant" in Pittsburgh. The Penn Hills Mooo was the 3rd Mooo Shoppe in the region, the others  located on Washington Road in South Hills, one in Youngstown, Ohio, and the other in Villanova, Pa. I would love to see another actual photo of the Mooo, if for no other reason to see how accurate my illustration really is!   Thanks again ! , Illustration by Mark Stefanides, '76

The Moo Shoppe had the best hamburgers and chocolate "frosts" - ultra thick milkshakes. Robert Curry '63

Do I ever remember The MooBurger! It was and still is the best burger that I have ever eaten! We lived on Sycamore Drive off of Universal Road in Penn Hills from 1955-1961. We attended a Presbyterian church and afterwards we HAD to go get that MooBurger! Pam Munson Steadman '63 

Bob Peyton worked at the Mooo Shop

Bob in front of the Washington store.

 Bob Peyton was the first fountain boy hired at the Mooo Shop on Washington Road in Upper St. Clair.  He also worked at the Frankstown store and McKnight Rd store. 

The Moo Mug, circa 1955, from Kathleen Lathom

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