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Send your song suggestions to and if they are available we will add them to the Playlist!

The music is fabulous and you have been doing an awesome job with the site in general...THANK YOU for all your work to make it a terrific and up to date site.... Thanks sooo much. Susan Caldwell '69
Love this! I like the Mariah Carey one & of course Santa Baby by Madonna!!! they are all great ...thanks...Nancy McCartney Wilson
I have been listening all day whilst I've been cooking. Terrific playlist Sonny. Barbara Haack '71
Thank you so much for a wonderful medley! My personal favorite "Mary Did You Know" by Reba. Thank you for the early Christmas gift. Debbie Kepple Tamburro
My favorite is Guaraldi's 'Christmas Time is Here'. I make my son play it for me every year on the piano. I don't know when he'll come home this year, so Thank you! Pamela DeSimone '72
Oh how much I love this for Christmas! I have it playing right now in the background as I reply to you! A nice variety too! Have a blessed Christmas.... THANK YOU !!!! Diane Rodgers  '69
I have this playing in my editing suite every day now and have been asked by so many co workers where I got such a nice collection of songs ... I tell them from an ANGEL ... Thanks Again so much. Thanks for your Holiday gift to all of us :-) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all! Bob Vento '73
As good as it gets. Thank you. Don Boyd
Nice list. Maureen Coover Scott
Thanks so much,That was my Music! I always Listened to Motown and went skating ,,,,thanks for bringing back some Memories! What does it take to win your love for me,.,is my all time fav! Mari Murphy Wyckoff
Loving Ooh Child..maybe needed to hear it. Ya know, the thing about Motown is that it is soul music...seeps into every cell. Delia Barnett
great playlist- Mildred Schwab 
Class of 83 and still luv the playlist. thank you for posting it- Lauren Gest Lindsey
Great list. Can't go wrong with the temps and little Anthony and Jimmy Ruffin... Thanks for Sharing! Liz Fullen-Varley '70
Class of 70 with Liz.. I love the playlist. That's what it was during our time Motown was listened to as much, if not more, than rock. Ohh Ohh Baby Baby still sends me. Bob Bechtold 
Love the playlist also! Thank you so so much as it brings back so many feelings and such good memories!
WOW!!!! Thank you so so much for these songs! How do I save them all to my pc? I just bookmarked the page...will this do it for me? Can they all be put onto a disk? a cd? help!!! thanks.....a pc wiz I am not Diane Pennacchia Rodgers!
Amazing! Thank you so much for all the hard work put into compiling these lists. Awesome job!! Fran Saley Forsythe '76 
Brings back so many memories!! This is awesome!! Thanks so much!!!  Christine DeCarolis '68
WOW, sure brings back memories. I used to have my Super Soul Patrol card from WAMO radio. Have always loved R&B, thanks. Jean Privett Allen '71
how about Jerry Butler...for your precious love. I LOVE THOSE OLDIES!!!!!!! thanks!!!!! my husband likes the danleers summer night. the belong to me. oh such great songs!!!!!!!! Kathy Staub Miller
Motown 60s are awesome...thank you! Debbie Kepple Tamburro
They always say Rock n Roll will never die and that is probably true but there's something about DooWop and Motown that gets down into your soul!!!! Cynthia Ellen Kerchner Parsons-Kaucic
Sonny, this is great! I totally forgot about some of the 1-hit wonders. Talk about bringing back memories! Can't believe you actually found some of these. Dead Skunk? LOL. Gail Mergendahl Marzak '69
You did a good thing there and it is a kick to listen to your playlists...maybe you could add that early Grand Funk Railroad album "Survival" and to the flower power or 70's set...I think Santana is missing, too...forgive me if you have these suggestions already on a play list that I haven't listened to yet! Geoffrey Santoliquido '72 
I have been listening to your Sweet Soul Music playlist for the past few weeks. Thanks for finding the great tunes of our growing up years. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate being able to listen to them. Barb Haack '71
The web site is fantastic on the music page... Colleen Long '70
Just wanted to thank you again for introducing me to your website. I’ve already heard 5 songs I never hear anywhere. I’m in sweet seventies bliss back here. Matt Anderson
This is awesome. Little Anthony has always been one of my favorites. And you just solved a mystery for me. I have consulted with many people from the Burgh and we couldn't remember which song was always played outside the Rotor at Kennywood. It was Pipeline by the Ventures! Thanks Sonny! I love the Oldies!  Kathy Kelly
Very Very Very Nice !!! Bob Breide
I really like the all the "mowtown oldies" and I remember most of them. TYVM! Mimi
Sonny you just never cease to do amazing things for your website!!!! Keep on keepin’ on you rock!!!!  Brad Davis '75
What a treat !! I haven't heard "High on a Hill " since HS. Everything came running back . . . my '57 Ford, Eat 'N Park, Canoe . . . thank you.  Gene Autore -'66
This is wonderful! Since I graduated in 1960, I have only few favs from your list: My Girl, Duke of Earl and a few others. My favorites would be from the '50s. Think Elvis, and we actually had some local P.H.H.S. groups who recorded. However, I think it's neat you put these together. Bonnie Engstrom
This could not have come at a more perfect moment. THANK YOU!!! I will forward it to my sister Vicki. Lori (Botta) Stuart
Hey, GREAT tunes!  I've got them up playing in the background while I do emails....thanks! Andrea B

Very Cool Sonny….thanks! Jim Brown

Think it's fantastic...some of my favorites are already included.  Love the 60's & 70's.  I look forward to your updates Hal George '69

What you put together is GREAT! Just think when I need to listen to a song, I will just have to go to your site. (ha! ha!)Thanks, Mary Ellen Heath

Very nice, thanks. It's easy to play, just click and listen - no waiting for loading stuff. Have never tried this but guess it can be tricky getting some songs. Lee Ball

Thanks, Sonny! High on a Hill was always my favorite! Gerri Frizza

Thanks much for the "Oooh, baby baby" Smokey Robinson tune which was absolutely a favorite of mine! Geoff Santoliquido

Thanks so much for sending this out....these songs bring back so many memories!  I've been away from Pittsburgh for so many's great to hear from good ole Penn Hills High and the people who spent 3
years of their lives there :-) Lynne Barnes
Nice job Sonny!! Alot of memories in those songs. Thank you!! Guy Ingagliato
Wow! What a nice selection of songs. You always always always had the best taste in music. I think much of my love for music comes from the influence otthers had on me - and you are definitely a major influence. John Litz

Thanks very much for sending me these songs; many of which I have not heard since high school. Again, thanks. Glenn Troutman, '67

It’s a very good list! Mary Anne Anschuetz

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Susan Frank

OH MY GOD  IM in 7th heaven!!!!!!!!!!! Annie Ghinassi


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