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"You Know You're Over the Hill and From Penn Hills If":


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"You Know You're Over the Hill and From Penn Hills If":

new14.gif remember the Putt Putt golf coarse & Henderson's Café on Frankstown Road where A-Z Chevy used to be. Dr.Trenda remember "Fishlips" Farnath, the Asst.Principal at Junior High on Duff Road. George and Karen Pickering remember smoking in the boys room of the Eastwood theater on Friday nights.
(we would poke a hole in a lit cigarette and put the fuse of a firecracker thru it,drop it on the floor and then leave the room. A minute later it exploded and the guys in the room ot blamed.) George and Karen Pickering remember the carnival that would set up every year in Eastwood; I think it was St. Barts. George and Karen Pickering remember caddying at Churchhill Valley Country Club? Then the older guys would get us into poker games and take our money. Oh, yeah. Don't forget playing Huckity-Buck at the caddy shed. Brutal !! Or how you felt the first time you carried doubles 18 holes? George and Karen Pickering remember DeRoy the cop who hung around Frankstown Eat n Park in his black Ford trying to catch us breaking traffic laws? He later on became Mayor of Pittsburgh. George and Karen Pickering remember the first time you drove a car into the parking lot and you had to back into a space in one try or never live it down? George and Karen Pickering remember the food fight at the High School cafeteria during The class of ''61" senior dinner. George and Karen Pickering remember we had our own Halloween Parade in the Mission Crest plan behind St Bart's with prizes for the best costumes, at least 60 kids. J Shelton '76 remember throwing snowballs at cars from Walpole Dr down onto Coal Hollow Rd and then getting chased. Also the football going over the hill and chasing it onto Coal Hollow.  J Shelton '76

... you remember Super games in Penn Hills Shopping Center, pickup tackle football not tag, except for girls at the high school. Mr. Hoover with that bull horn, and standing on the high school roof catching you skip class leaving school property going to a walkers house. Anonymous


... you remember our naive introduction to gang warfare at the hands of the (much tougher) Larimer Avenue gang from East Liberty. Nowadays the average 13 year old in South Chicago or Crenshaw in LA carries 100 times the firepower they did.   Chris Gerding '70


... you remember riding dirt bikes in the woods between Universal and Frey Rd. in the Summer and watching cars slide down Frey in the Winter!!! Kevin Barrett

... you remember when you cruised at Boyce Park every weekend throughout high school in the late 70's. Melissa Curry Mencotti'79

... you remember the Jimmy Dees that lived on Idlewood near the corner of Dogwood.  We used to throw snowballs down on to cars on Stotler Rd.  So where is Flossie Ziegler now?  She lived next door to me on Idlewood.  We were classmates at St. Bart's.  And where are you? John Marx, moved away in '63 
... you remember swimming at Willows swimming pool in Oakmont. You remember loving my grandmother's baked ham sandwiches at Joe and Jenny's George Beers '79

... you remember walking a mile along Jefferson Road when you were in 2nd grade to buy Davy Crockett bubble gum cards at Swartzel's store. First you needed all the orange backs and just when you thought you had them all they came out with the greenbacks. Ron Emrick '66.
... you remember where Joannie Raab & Flossie Zeigler are...and dancing under the streetlight at Webers house & getting paddled by Mr. Yuhas  for throwing snowballs.  All true Penn Ridge boys should be able to tell me what C.I.D means... Jimmy Dees "Pip" '68 remember partying on Alcoma Gulf Course and running from the police. Sandy Nagy '79 remember the back gate at Linton and that 2 grades filled the whole school?  Reene '80

… you remember being bussed to Davidson School in Universal, because the "New" Hebron School wasn't finished yet. Bill Waugaman '62 
… you remember delivering the Pittsburgh Press for Bob Sum and Bill Wick. Bill Waugaman '62 
… you remember Friday night at the movies at the Eastwood Theater. Bill Waugaman '62 
… you remember Dickie Belotti's famous "Toilet Cake".  Bill Waugaman '62 
… you remember Clarence Dible the school district Truant Officer. Bill Waugaman '62
… you remember going to Savors BBQ in Cheswick for “late night” dancing and food after the dance. Bill Waugaman '62 
… you remember when the McDonalds at Frankstown and Duff opened. Bill Waugaman '62 

… you remember O’Brian and Gary and detective “Macho”. John Tiani

… you remember everyone’s fathers burned their dead leaves in the backyard on Saturdays in the fall and your weekly allowance was a nickel for helping with the yardwork. Rev. Mary Dopler '80 remember buying your school shoes at Buster Brown’s at East Hills Shopping Center, then went for ice cream at Isaly’s. – Rev. Mary Dopler '80 remember the post office being in Penn Hills Shopping Center across from the police station. - Rev. Mary Dopler '80

... you remember what "The Pippin" is at Kennywood.Glenn Brandimarte
... you remember "air raid" drills in school around the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Glenn Brandimarte remember as a child you could go to any number of larger public swimming pools? There was one on Rt 22w where my neighbor Mike Jones' family belonged. I believe it was called Burke Glen near the Monroville Drive-in. Do any of them still exist? Stewart Hopkins '69 remember going downtown along Rt 22 and seeing and smelling the steel mills. I always looked to see the ore cars going up and down dumping their loads into the furnaces. I am glad to see they have been removed even though i miss them somewhat. Stewart Hopkins '69 remember watching or playing football as a Little Indian or a Bantam  Brad Hopkins remember attending Roberts Elementary School and watched the senior high school being built up on the hill? Stewart Hopkins '69 remember Little League tryouts at Roberts Elementary school. They attached a sheet of plastic cloth with a number on your back. I played with the Wrens and went undefeated in '63. Stewart Hopkins '69 remember exercising to "Go You Chicken Fat Go!" in gym class. Ralph Cappella '79 remember Previk's (spelling?) grocery store in Universal AND going to the Universal Moose on Sunday afternoon to see Abbot and Costello movies.  There was also a penny candy/ice cream shop by the Moose.  Don't remember the name of it.  It's right by what was or is One For the Road barGina Machen remember, If you lived in Pennridge, just below Roberts Elementary School, there were those annual community picnics held in a field just off of Universal Rd near the cement plant. As a kid it was all about the games and of course orange drink and chocolate milk from Turner's Dairy. Stewart Hopkins '69 remember before PHHS had a football field the Indians football games were played at the Seneca Jr High field on Friday nights because Seneca had lights. Then when the new field was ready at PHHS the games were played on Saturday afternoons. The new field didn't have lights...yet. Stewart Hopkins '69 remember riding in the back of someone's car with a couple of friends, listening to Que Sera Sera on the radio, coming back from a summer class that you hated that taught us typing. Then realizing, 20 some years later, that it was a good thing. Greg McCormick, PHHS '66  remember after the prom, traveling all the way to the Yough dam with only a few beers. I have photos that prove this, once I find them. Greg McCormick, PHHS '66  remember creating some story that allowed you to travel across the border to West Virginia to buy 3.2 beer. Greg McCormick, PHHS '66  remember one spring day in Morrow school, first grade, in love with your teacher, Mrs. Majorovsky(?), looking out the window and watching a Baltimore Oriole sitting in the tree. And Mrs. Morrow, the principal and of the family who owned the farmland that became a large part of Penn Hills, walking into the room to pay a visit, white-haired, and a kind person, I could tell even then. Greg McCormick, PHHS '66  remember being in two quite professionally done musical productions, Oklahoma and The Music Man, and meeting the dance man, Mario Melodia, who not only turned a bunch of kids into actors and dancers, but who truly affected my life with his great spirit. He affected many lives, reflected in the great tribute he received when he passed on. We miss him, for he was mom and dad back when we were just beginning to discover the truth about ourselves. Greg McCormick, PHHS '66  remember when you were in the Boy Scouts, although briefly, who met at Faith Church on Jefferson Road. Back then (early 60s) the minister was Reverend Book, whose daughter, I believe Donna, was somewhat admired by the boys. Greg McCormick, '66  remember going to Swartzels, walking, of course, from Horizon View Drive, off Westward Ho and Loughey. The thing was, we had just moved to Penn Hills in 1953 from Whitney Ave. in Wilkinsburg, and there we had almost the exact same store. In fact, at the age of 5, I used to scour the neighborhood for bottles that I took to this store for, I believe, 2 cents the small ones, 3 cents the quarts (remember Tom Tucker?). Made a piece of cash. I gave this up when we moved to Penn Hills, for more exciting adventures. Greg McCormick, '66 remember "SLAM" books. Sandy Cefola '67 remember MOHAIR sweaters. Sandy Cefola '67 remember Friendship & Snake Rings and wrapping dental floss around your boyfriends class ring then polishing it with nail polish. Sandy Cefola '67 remember driving out to Monroeville to get a Real Roast Beef Sandwich at Arbys. Sandy Cefola '67 remember "Seniors leave first" at Pep rallys. Sandy Cefola '67 remember the diner on Route 22, going out towards Monroeville, where there was a Juke Box selector at every table while you waited to order, and while you ate you could listen to R & R and to R & B.... Bob Morrow remember the great flaky little 'lady fingers' they had at Bilotti's Bakery Bob Morrow remember drinking liquor mixed with Apple Cider, in large apple cider jugs, and drinking it "mountain style" holding it by the little handle near the top and slinging the jug over your shoulder, at the High School football games, and getting bombed out of your gourd, then going for pizza afterwards by the slice at a little place down on Verona Road... Bob Morrow remember going to the 'submarine races' in those little turn-outs down by the river... Bob Morrow remember Porky Chadwick... the Daddio of the Rad-io, on WILY and on WEEP... and the 'boss sounds' and boss dances he put on by the River... Bob Morrow remember caddying at Churchill Valley Country Club, and waiting in the caddy shack to be called up Bob Morrow remember teen dances at the "Y" on Frankstown Rd on Friday nights Bob Morrow remember "cruisin" at the Eat-n-Park in Eastwood Bob Morrow remember hanging out at the Rodi Room and Frankstown and Rodi Bob Morrow remember hangin' out on the corner at Pentlong Pharmacy, or waiting there for the school bus Bob Morrow remember having a malted at the MOOoooo Shoppe. Bob Morrow remember Ola's Bar and Grille Bob Morrow remember shopping at Zayres Department Store in East Hills Shopping Center remember playing in the trails between Mt. Carmel and Woods Road remember the bus ride from Eastwood Road to Shenandoah Elementary School felt like an eternity remember playing tackle football at Mt. Carmel Cemetary remember competing in the All You Can Eat Pizza Contest at Della Salla's Pizza Shop, (Previous Winner) Marty Brown ‘69 remember the catchy tune from the 1960's and '70's radio ad by Joe Ziskind, the home improvements contractor, "No money you'll be riski'n when you call Joe Ziskind…Hazel One 7 8 6 6…. Hazel One 7 8 6 6". Chris.C.Gerding '70 remember walking all the way up Universal Road to Squartzel’s store to get penny candy. Jim Barrett remember hanging out at the O.P. (Open Pantry) on Universal Road. Jim Barrett remember when the Summer Park Program sponsored a Mud Decathlon at Duff Park behind Penn Junior High School. Skot O'Mahony '81 remember when Sweet Williams was in Penn Hills Shopping Center and they used to serve hot fudge sundays with pretzels hanging on the spoons in case you got sweet cheeks and needed a salt break to finish it - especially all the fudge at the bottom. Skot O'Mahony '81 remember when Mother John's Pizza was in Penn Hills Shopping Center and it was cool to hang out in the parking lot and impress your date with pizza in your parent's old car. Skot O'Mahony '81 remember when Dawn of the Dead was filmed at Monroeville Mall and many people from Penn Hills  got to play zombies in the movie. Skot O'Mahony '81 remember getting take-out pizza from Joe & Jenny's on Rodi Road when Mom was out of town and Dad had to feed us. Susanne Cook Schroeder, '76 remember getting our school shoes at Patsy's Shoe Store on Frankstown Rd. and going to East Hills SC and later Miracle Mile before Penn Hills SC was built. Getting a chocolate chip cookie at Belotti's Bakery. Susanne Cook Schroeder, '76 remember walking on Jefferson Rd to Highlands Aqua Club, up hill both ways. Actually, everywhere we walked was up hill both ways! Susanne Cook Schroeder, '76 remember when Channel 3 was WDTV and was a DuMont affiliate Reed Donelli remember Rege Cordic advertising 'Ol Frofingslosh beer (with the foam on the bottom) Reed Donelli remember taking the streetcar to watch the new Civic Arena roof open Reed Donelli remember stopping at Oakland Original for a dog after the Pirate game at Forbes Field (sitting in "Peanut Heaven" of course... As Bob Prince called it) Reed Donelli remember watching Connie Hawkins and the Pittsburgh Pipers Reed Donelli remember the Penn Hills PD had Sgt Riley, Hank McCarroll, Jerry Yeagle, Bart Connolly, and many more. Rich Hervieux '68 remember The Moo Shop. Rich Hervieux '68 remember trying to drive your car all the way up Hunter Road without shifting out of high gear Rich Hervieux '68 remember the opening of John Linton, and getting a 3 day suspension for smoking in the boys room there - when you weren't (one of the few times)!!! Paul Bellotti '72 remember riding your bike to Pentlong Pharmacy to buy penny candy - a quarter went a long way!  janice gower remember collecting books of green stamps from Shop and Save to go to West View Park. janice gower remember Mr Wileys service station and the smoked meat store on Rodi Road. janice gower remember walking door to door and selling Christmas cards so you would earn prizes. janice gower remember summer arts and crafts and softball games at the Long Road Park and Shelter. janice gower remember swimming all summer at Penn Aqua Swim club - the penalty box, the high dive and adult swim. janice gower remember "devils night" knocking on neighbors doors and running, soaping windows, and toilet paper. janice gower remember playing for hours outside and having to be home before the streetlights came on....hearing you mom calling when the streetlights came on. janice gower remember walking through the woods in the winter to sled ride on the Churchill Valley golf course and running into the woods when security would chase you. janice gower remember THE MONTH OF MAY -Singing "oh mary we crown you with blossoms today, queen of the manger, queen of the may"...everyday  during school in May. janice gower remember bus drills..having to jump out of the back door of the school bus - it seemed so high. janice gower remember Msgr. Stephen Helzlsouer from St Barts and the yearly festival with highlights of the white elephant, Big Chuck, skydivers, fireworks and the dunking booth.   Janice Zerishnek LCDR USN, Mental Health, Family Nurse Practitioner. Sacred Heart - 1978 janice gower remember the station at Coal Hollow and Frankstown Roads was "Art Watts". Had about 5 gas pumps and every pump was a different brand. Joe Wilson remember The Duff Farmhouse picture is not from the three Duff homes in the Laketon, Buleah Roads area. Might be 'Benny' Duff's home near Route 22 South of Busche Station and Store. That home and ground was taken when the Parkway was built. Joe Wilson remember Juan K Ingold and the High School band Strawberry festivals. 1939-1942. Joe Wilson remember "Pistol Pete" the first policeman. (Sam Bickerstaff?) Joe Wilson remember Sunday School in the basement by the Furnace at Hebron Church. Joe Wilson remember Tennis Courts near the Driveway to the Hebron Church parking lot. Joe Wilson remember playing Coleco's Vibrating Football (I had one), Pong (Mugs had one), You had Tonka Trucks (everyone had one), and..... Playing Asteroids, Space Invaders, Missle Command or Pac Man at One Eyed Jacks!!!!!!!!  Ralph Cappella '79 remember playing “Crunch Ball” on the playground at Hebron School during recess and sled riding at night in the cemetery at Hebron Church. Jeff Getkin '73 remember going to the Gateway Drive-in in New Ken....... I actually had a speaker from there for a while..... It fell off the cable..... Honest remember hanging out at the double-M dairy and delivering Post Gazette papers in the evening so my cousin would let us use his car. remember playing in the woods and never worrying about getting poison ivy,  the Varsity house and not being able to wait to go hear your favorite garage band (one of my favorites was Bob Rusbarsky's...Rick Sherman, Gus Sherman...don't remember who else) and DANCE.  Ordering your meal in the parking lot of Eat N Park...through the speaker at the teletray.  Making out in the back seat of your boyfriends car (on the pull offs at Allegheny River Blvd). remember going to Giacco Hardware Store for all you needs. M DeFazio '60 remember where there was no Winky's..... Wilmerding!!!!!! There was one at the corner of Saltsburg and Verona (it's an Arby's now) Ralph Cappella '79 remember watching studio wrestling on Saturday afternoon, and you can remember what the commercial with the phrase.... "Who can? American!" was for. Ralph Cappella '79 remember when you got to Linton, you realized that you didn't know ANYONE from Seneca Jr. High if you went to Penn Jr. and vice versa. In fact, the other end of Penn Hills was like a foreign country!  Ralph Cappella '79 remember laying in the road at intersection of Rodi Rd. and Frankstown praying for a car to come when hitch hiking to Wilkinsburg. Larry Meyer Sr. remember the fruit market at Rodi and Frankstown ,and then the frozen custard stand.  Larry Meyer Sr. remember the monkey tied to the tree at Joe and Jennies on Rodi Road  Larry Meyer Sr. remember picking up bales of hay, when Mr. Miller cut and baled the hay ,where what is now Rodiland Road.  Larry Meyer Sr. remember playing in the pond behind the Fire Dept. and Belotti's Bakery, of course they werent there then!  Larry Meyer Sr. remember Theodore, the very old dog at Swartzels store.  Larry Meyer Sr. remember how patient the Swartzel's were with us brats who sat in the window of the store,and didnt buy much. ( they were awesome folks)! I am sorry for some of the things we did. Larry Meyer Sr. remember the little service station at the corner of Frankstown and Coal Hollow,and RUSSOS fruit market. I could go on, and on, and on, One of the first houses on Rodi built by a Mr Summers,called Summerlea Plan #11 Rodi Rd. We got our first TV in 1947,and couldnt watch it,because Pgh. didnt have a TV station.  Larry Meyer Sr. remember Candy, Nuts & Stuff in the Penn Hills Shopping Center. Harry, '95 remember buying stickers at Schwarzel's every Sunday for your sports album sticker book. Harry, '95 remember Playing hockey in the parking lot of Faith Church, Harry '95 remember the arcade in the Penn Hills Shopping Center (by Radio Shack). Harry '95 remember Mrs Dailey, the school guard at the Jefferson Road bus stop, putting plastic around the porch we stood on to keep us warm in the winter.  Kelley '93 remember when the Penn Hills Shopping Center actually put on their own fireworks show during the 4th of July. Ann, '99 remember when the (Dairy) Delights won the softball championship 3 years in a row. Kelley '93 remember playing wiffle ball at Rodilin Park. Harry, '95 remember playing miniature golf at Kimmel's on Frankstown Rd.  (where A/Z Chevrolet is located). Eventually Kimmel's Restaurant was sold and ran under the name of Henderson's.  Mildred (Millie) Schwab remember going to school in the basement of Father Black’s Church (as OLMBS was called back then.) The original red brick church, a couple blocks further down Frankstown than where OLMBS is, had Kelly green doors. jack dolby '64

…you remember when there was an “enormous” (to us kids) gully along Frankstown in front of OLMBS…there was supposed to be a hidden cave with a mean hermit down there somewhere.
jack dolby '64

… you remember when there was a bakery, later replaced by Sun Drug, on the corner of Eastwood Shopping Center, across from Statlanders. jack dolby '64

… you remember running to Eastwood Dairy for some chipped ham. It’s a toss-up which was better: the food at the lunch counter or the family soap opera that often played out behind the counter. jack dolby '64

…you remember getting 16 oz Lotta-Colas from the reach-in chest cooler at Eastwood Dairy. jack dolby '64

… you remember having a cherry phosphate at the (Eastwood) Statlander’s Drug Store soda fountain. jack dolby '64

… you remember poor Mr Navarri getting flack from “the church” when Eastwood Theater showed “bad” movies. (I feel bad that I can’t remember his first name, nor his wife’s. The kids were Joel, Rudy, and Eleanore.) Mr. Navarri was my first boss (thanks), and Joel introduced me to Della Sallas! jack dolby '64

…you remember the bowling alley downstairs of Eastwood Theater.
jack dolby '64

…you remember everything closing at 1 PM on Good Friday. jack dolby '64

…you remember the golf driving range along Frankstown at the base of what would become East Hills Shopping Center. jack dolby '64

…you remember the horse-drawn junk wagon that would come down the residential roads in Eastwood. jack dolby '64

…you remember getting mail twice a day, once on Saturday. jack dolby '64

…you remember garbage men climbing 32 steps on Upland Terrace, walking along the side of the house, almost to the back yard, to get your garbage can… then returning it after it was emptied! (Of course, the milk man climbed those same steps!) jack dolby '64

…you remember burning piles of leaves from the trees each fall on the brick roadway on Upland Terrace. jack dolby '64

…you remember the cinder bins at the end of the road that citizens would shovel from onto the icy roads. jack dolby '64

…you remember walking past Dolman’s farm to go to the pay-per-visit Eastwood pool (later became member-only). jack dolby '64

...someone's kid says.."Wow, that's grandmother graduated in 1979!" Ralph Cappella 1979

... you remember when you finally got tired on someone's constant bragging about an accomplisment, that you shut them up by saying.... "Go call Patty and Daddy" (referring to Bill and Patty Burns when they both worked at KDKA) Ralph Cappella '79 remember going to Hippo's and the last song of the night was Last Dance by Donna Summers. Jim Badali '74 remember the "47 cent 3-course meal" at the McDonald's at East Hills Shopping Mall.  The hamburger was 15 cents, French fries were 12 cents and the milkshake was the most expensive item at 20 cents.  Ron "Jack-O" Jakovac, '72. remember taking the bus to the monthly wrestling matches at the Civic Arena and wondering if "bad guys" like Ivan Koloff, Killer Kowalski or George Steele were going to beat hometown hero and WWWF champion Bruno SammartinoRon "Jack-O" Jakovac, '72

... you remember riding your bike over to the Rosedale Beach Club to watch them fill the pool. You couldn't wait for opening day. Todd Boyle '73
... you remember spending your winter nights either ice skating at Rosedale Beach Club when they flooded the tennis court, or flying down #7 at Green Oaks C.C. on your sled. Todd Boyle '73 remember the DiPomodoro Restaurant, The Brown Derby, and the Ice Skating Rink at the Monroeville Mall. Diana Marsh Rowan '77 remember doing sit-ups in gym class to the song "Go you Chicken Fat, go." Squat thrusts anybody?   Making applesauce in Home Ec. class. I'm still not sure why we sold magazines and people were dressed up in costumes on the HS stage. Barb '72 remember that great picture of the Erector Set over on "The Good Old Days", and how common a Christmas gift that used to be, and that there's not a ton of people left who've seen one. Ed McW '71 remember when there were NO traffic lights on Frankstown Rd.  You remember when there were hunters hunting pheasants on Jefferson Road.  You remember Mrs. White at Universal School - she once had a student in each corner of the room (including me).  You remember Mrs. Davidson, principal at Universal School, talking about starting her car with a crank.  Jean Oertel, 1962 are now 49 years old and regret plucking your eyebrows. Why did we make them so thin?! Guess they looked good with the faded, patched bell bottoms (with added material sewn into the bell part to make them wider) and green army jackets. Diana Marsh Rowen '77 remember before the East Hills S C was built there was a "tarzan" swing across a little creek hanging from a giant tree. You went to the Silverlake Drive In with your parents on Washington Blvd, it's still partly there behind the car wash and down the hill behind Westinghouse H S. The car hops were girls skating or walking your food order to your car at Eat-n-Park when you ordered the food at a drive type speaker pole... you remember driving away from the drive in's with the speaker still wound up in your car window and slamming on the breaks so you didn't have to buy a new speaker; also the drive ins rented a car heater for 5 bucks so you could go in the Winter. Also Penn Hills had a swim team but had to go to the YMCA for practice, and lastly making out in the "old Mill" at Kenny wood by putting your foot on the side wall, and the attendant came up and stopped you and pushed your gondola with the stick, bummer. Eric Jiggetts '68 

…you remember the Penn Hills Cheerleaders had to wear black and white saddle shoes in Seneca and Linton and we would purchase them in Monroeville Mall.  The school provided the cheerleading uniforms and matter fact all athletic uniforms were provided by the school and now days the parents have to purchase them. Donna Saunders – Jamison '77

…you remember waiting in line in school to purchase your Kennywood tickets for the Penn Hills picnic and buying a Kennywood outfit to wear. You remember riding the Turnpike and you felt like you were really driving, the Noah’s Ark, Laugh in the Dark, the Thunder Bolt when it first came out and it was so fast the people flew by like a blur and some were thrown off the ride so they slowed the ride down. Donna Saunders – Jamison '77 remember the Indian Burgers in Penn Hills High School made out of soy that were the imitation Big Mac hamburgers; remember the old used track uniforms and used track shoes with the spikes we had to carry in a little bag along with our spike key to screw the spikes in and out of our used track running shoes. The Baldwin Invitational Track Meets were so much fun and don't forget about Coach Shea. Donna Saunders – Jamison ‘77 remember running up the hill from the field house to catch the last activity bus, or wondering if the stories of Mr Timko punching out an orangutan are true. Joe Saunders '79 remember watching channel 13 and the crazy art guy and the "pictures" he painted when you were home sick. No cable in those days. Your phone number began with a word. Mine was 'sycamore 3' (793). Learning to drive by going down Hunter Rd. Barb '72 remember hitchiking to Crazy Eights and Super Dynamite and shooting pool and playing Pinball. Gary Tredinnick '79  (Lake Worth, Florida) remember Strunks's at the top of Homestead Rd. You could buy all you needed for a dinner there. Denis Altenburger '70 remember in Rosedale some memorable places. Does anyone remember Manziones Pharmacy where you could sit at the counter and drink a soda or milkshake for $.50. Or Joe's Barber Shop where you could get a haircut for $2.00. Then there was Schwere's Golf Club (next to Green Oaks CC) where you could sneak on and play golf until Mr. Schwere's came after you. And a bit further down Verona Road there was H'lackeys Market, a good corner store for a loaf of bread and milk.And of course Della Salla's Pizza, still going strong after so many years, and still serving the best pizza in the Burg! John Litz '70 remember taking $4 from your moms purse, going to Della Salas Pizza with friends, eating like a pig and having money left!! J Pierce '82 
... you remember Friday night dances at the "Y".  Summer swimming at Willows Pool. The St. Barts fair and hanging out at East Hills Shopping Center. Wendy (Dubois) Regets '68 remember when the Junior High School used to put a lighted Christmas tree on top of the roof at Christmas time. Diane Askew Emmich remember ice skating on the baseball field right next to the basketball courts at the Junior High School. Diane Askew Emmich remember Chiller Theater started out  on Saturday afternoons... then was on every Saturday night at 11:30 with "Chilly Billy" Cardill and had its own theme song and the best props and skits.. Sharon Barzen-Hopkins '73 remember pizza on Fridays at Blessed Sacrament as a kid...and then going to Penn Hills High and driving to Della Salla's on Fridays.. Sharon Barzen-Hopkins '73 remember when .80 a gallon for gas was considered expensive? Denis '70 remember going to Forbes Road East Vo-Tech and running the school because there were so many of us there, having study halls in the auditorium, and having three shifts for lunch because of the sheer number of students. Phil Cardone '79 remember cruisin' thru Eat-N-Park after the basketball games. remember CHC (Crescent Hills Clickers), the Spartans, and the Eastwood Gang. remember the terms "jagoff" and "get bent" remember the names "Karl", "Wilson" and "Barr" bring back fond memories. remember someone yells out "hand check" and you instinctively raise your hands. remember going to the Varsity House to see the "Igniters". remember watching  "Come Alive" on Saturday mornings. remember driving the family car to the prom and not in a rented limo. remember what table your group sat at in the cafeteria. remember caddying at Churchill, Alcoma, Green Oaks, or Longview C.C.'s. remember going to East Hills S.C. to check out the newest records at the National Record Mart. remember slowly replacing your Temps and Smokey 45's with Crosby, Stills, and Nash lp's. remember attending the Friday night dances at Faith Community Church on Jefferson Road. remember watching Popeye and Kanish with Rodney Hackinflash as a kid on Saturday mornings on the Paul Shannon Show. remember eating Della Salla's greasy but delicious pizza. remember the guys wore Italian knit gouchos,Sansabelt slacks, and rib knit socks, or workers and Chucks (Chuck Taylor Converse Allstars). remember the girls wore Villager dresses with the monogrammed collar pins and Ladybug accessories. remember not feeling too weird about riding the bus to school in the morning. remember wondering where "Stinky Davis" got his nickname. remember cruisin' thru Rosedale and Verona on Friday nights. remember shooting pool at Fox's Billiards in Harmerville (just across the bridge). remember you thought the Monroeville Mall was the biggest mall in the world. remember the fights under the bleachers at Seneca after the football games. remember you still hate Farrell High School after our big basketball game loss. remember playing "pick-up" basketball at Penn Junior all summer long. remember getting $.29 hamburgers at the Red Barn and a drink at the Dairy Queen in Penn Hills Shopping Center. remember driving past the "lover's lane" sections of Allegheny River Blvd. and seeing all the steamed up windows. remember listening to "the T.L. sound... Music for young lovers", or "Porkey Chedwick" on WAMO. remember going to Boyce Park to "make out". remember you tried to get into every yearbook club picture whether you were a member or not. remember "Ricki and Copper". Janice Hostler '70 remember skipping school to hitch-hike anywhere. Candy Eazor '72 remember you loved Casey's hoagies. Karen Gray '71 remember the 8th gradeY dances.  Karen Linn "68 remember drag racing at Hangman's Hollow (and you remember the legend behind it).  Karen Linn '68 remember when St. Susannah's Church split from St. Bart's and services were held in the basement of Ola's Restaurant/Bar and then at the Penn Hills Bowling Alley. Karen Linn '68 remember playing "Chuck-a-Luck" at the St. Bartholomews Fair. Jeff Cutruzzula '72 remember making out in your Dad's car down at the "wood chopper". Denny Stover '68 remember walking to Porter's restaurant for pizza after a Penn High football game held a Seneca Jr. High field. Jerry Shane '69 remember when Linton and the Sr. High School didn't need security guards and teachers received the respect they deserved.  Christine Curran '85 remember the neighborhood Fun Fairs we used to have to raise money for M.D. Sonny Derdock '70 (as remembered by my sister Stacey) remember going to Ed's Beds in Monroeville, because you couldn't afford a real motel. Carol Metzgar Stover  '69 remember '66 Corvette Stingrays... well I had one.  Carol Metzgar Stover  '69 remember going to the movies at the Rodi Rd. Shopping Center. Jim Mannella, almost '70 remember bowling on Saturday mornings at Guys and Dolls Bowling Alley. Sonny Derdock '70 remember going to the movies at the Eastwood Theater and eating at Isaly's in East Hills S.C. afterwards. Vicki Meissner '68 remember brownie trips to Turner's Dairy and meetings in the leader's house. Vicki Meissner '68 remember not "really" knowing what was on the opposite side of Penn Hills from where you lived. Vicki Meissner '68 remember the three 1960 World Champion Pirates living within a mile of you in Churchill Valley. Dick Schofield - at the top of Rose Ave.(behind Pentlong Pharmacy); Dick Stuart - Beulah Road, (between Long Road and Penny Drive); Elroy Face - corner of Beulah Road and Beulah Lane. Fred Carroll '71 Manhattan, NY
... you remember the evening celebration on Beulah Road after game 7 of the 1960 World Series. Fred Carroll '71 Manhattan, NYC remember listening to Cordic and Company in the morning on the big KD. Denis Altenburger, '70 remember the following media personalities: Paul Long (WTAE-TV); Ed & Wendy King and Ed Shaughnessy (KDKA radio); Bill Burns (KDKA-TV); Pie Traynor (Studio Wrestling, WIIC-TV) and, of course, "the Gunner" Bob Prince. Chris Gerding '70 remember the various Iron City Beer ad campaigns ("This is the year, this is the beer" from 1966...the TV commercials featuring Jack Isherwood, Ernie Minster, and Big Al Luccione the beer salesman, 1971-72) Chris Gerding '70 remember Shopping at Gold Circle in the Penn Hills Mall then eating at Lum's or Mr, Steak. Mary Grande Rudnick '72 remember going to Ted Smith' store (Near the old German Cemetery) and buying penny candy from a little glass case on the counter. Mary Grande Rudnick '72 remember the 1st  MacDonald's opening  near the Eastwood shopping center - hamburgers were  10 cents! Mary Grande Rudnick '72 remember shopping at East Hills shopping center during Old Fashion Days in the summer. Mary Grande Rudnick '72 remember the MOOOO Shop on Frankstown Rd, across from the old A&P Mark Stefanides '76 remember your Dad made you practice driving through the crazy old Rodi Rd. intersection before you could take your drivers test! Bobbi *Nardina* Checchio ' 75 remember and can still sing all the words to the song  "Mr. Touchdown" Bobbi *Nardina* Checchio ' 75 remember your graduating class had 1200 plus students. Bobbi *Nardina* Checchio ' 75 remember when there was NO Penn Hills Shopping Center. Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember when there was no "new" wing at PHHS. Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember when the sophomores started school at 3rd period because the school had too many students. Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember when the class president and the president of the student council stowed away on the trip to New York because all their friends were going.
Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember "Bye Bye Birdie' was the first musical and you were in it. Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember that the "Real" Eat-N-Park was down past the Eastwood Theatre, but Monroeville was still better for cruisin'. Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember seeing "West Side Story" at the Eastwood Theatre umpteen times and admission was only $.50. Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember when circle pins and gold chains with a pearl in a cage were required accessories.
Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember when only the greasers had their ears pierced by their friends and wore broom straws or string in them until they healed.
Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember when pleated skirts, button down man tailored shirts and matching alpaca sweaters were a sign of good taste. Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember when you couldn't live without a large can of "Aqua Net" hair spray each week. Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember making the loop at Seneca field during football games. Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember singing the entire score of the "current" spring musical for the waitresses and customers at Eat-N-Park at Rodi while waiting for our parents to pick us up after rehearsal.
Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember the threatened strike because they took out "your old lady's corset buttons" dialog from the musical.  Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65 remember most of all, feeling safe at school. Michele *Bruce* Bartos '65

... you remember at Rosedale Beach Club, the trampoline next to the low dive and the Barrel in 4 feet across from the slide. Mark Mszyco '75 remember miniature golfing in Oakmont where Lieberth Dodge is now, the Willows pool, and double features (Jerry Lewis) for 50 cents at the Oaks. Mark Mszyco '75 remember The Hobby Shop, the coffee shop, and Isalys in East Hills Shopping Center. Mark Mszyco 75 remember basketball games at Penn Junior every evening all summer. (commissioner of the league Mikie Saville class of 69)  Some great games brought in players from all over including some pro players: Norm Van Lier, Sam Clancey, Norm Nixon, Benji Pryor, George Karl and some Steelers L.C. Greenwood and Dwight White. Mark Mszyco 75 remember hanging out at Stadtlanders after school, and learning how to be a "soda-jerk".  Barbara Stadtlander Huber '55 remember the wonderful smell of the J&L steel plant along with the orange glow in the sky when they would use the Bessemer converter. Denis Altenburger, '70 remember riding in a "parade" of cars from Penn Hills High School to Churchhill Valley Country Club for your senior prom! *Do they still do that?*  Marlene Minnich '72 remember being able to exchange detentions for swats from your most favorite V.P., Mr. Hoover. Brad Davis '75 remember buying penny candy at Leeches' store by the Rosedale firehall....Joe's Barbershop, next to the Rosedale Pharmacy, both under the office of Dr. Ferguson. Denis Altenburger '70 remember all your home basketball games in elementary school were going to be a definite win, cause no one else had tile floors, a 12ft ceiling (no arc possible), a wall that stuck out onto the court and no room for spectators. "Go Davidson".   Brad Davis '75 remember the "blister clubs" made by rubbing your thumb against your middle finger. David Parker remember sneaking through the bathroom window at the YMCA for the Saturday night dances. David Parker remember the old duck and cover drills, or standing three deep against the walls in the halls of the school during the air raid drills. Denis Altenburger '70 remember Dan Stone starring as Henry Higgins in the PHHS production of "My Fair Lady." Peggy "McCauley" Hamerly, '66 remember getting 20 extra credit points in Mr. Meisenhelter's Chemistry class if you bought a season's pass to the PHHS basketball games. Peggy "McCauley" Hamerly, '66 remember Belotti's Bakery and the hand-packed ice cream cones and penny candy from Schwarzel's Market at the intersection of Rodi and Universal Roads Peggy "McCauley" Hamerly, '66 remember saving your money so you could buy some of the neat stuff at the great K&W Variety Store in the Penn Hills Shopping Center. Don Privett ' 75
... you remember watching the Fourth of July fireworks at Churchill Country Club, and the big traffic jam just to get there. Don Privett ' 75 remember lining up along Frankstown or Long Road to watch the prom procession go by on their way to Churchill Valley Country Club for the after prom!  Nancy -Privett-Griffin '80 remember going to "Savor's" in Harmerville to dance and drink lemon slushes on weekend nights, and being bummed when it burned down. Neese's was never as good! Bill Connelly, ' 64 remember that you could go ice skating by Penn Jr. High... at the top section of what is now Duff Park. Dave Maxwell '75 remember snooping around the big old barn that used to sit on the hillside right below this area off of Joan Drive. Dave Maxwell '75 remember Sweet Williams in the Penn Hills Shopping Center - good ice-cream!  Nancy *Privett* Griffin '80 remember that Sidney Bunns always saw things the right way, and you know who Sidney really is. Chet Wade '72 remember Gerry Mauro in the King and I holding up his pants with one hand and gestured with the other after the safety pin came out. Chet Wade '72 remember that Bill Lisotto made it into Sports Illustrated as a Face in the Crowd. Chet Wade '72 remember Andy Yuhas before they named the stadium after him way before Chet Wade '72 remember your little league coaches taking you to the DQ for an ice cream after the game. Bob Riddinger '80 remember the summers spent at Jefferson Rd Park with all of the recreation programs that went on. Bob Riddinger '80 remember what a Barracuda is and you probably had one stolen from your locker. Geoff Santoliquido '72

... you remember going to Savor's - just past Harmarville Robert Curry remember when you went to the Y.M.C.A. dances and spent most of the time in the bathroom doing your hair and makeup. Lisa-Arena-Urban '67 remember when you went to the Varsity House dances to see the cool people and listen to the Igniters.  Lisa -Arena-Urban '67 remember where you were when President Kennedy was shot. Lisa *Arena* Urban '67 remember the Chinese firedrills we did on Frankstown Road, running around the car at the light and whoever landed in the driver's seat when the light changed drove the car. Lisa *Arena* Urban '67 remember going to Red Bull Inn, Mr. Steak or Lum's before a big school dance. As always, the importance of the dance determined the choice of restaurant. Ralph Cappella '79 remember working at Dairy Queen (Saltsburg, or the shopping center, or both), or Shop-N-Save (The "real" one on Frankstown Road). Ralph Cappella '79 remember ice skating at the Alcoma CC pond. Ralph Cappella '79 remember Porter's Restaurant on Saltsburg Rd., at the corner where Frankstown meets Saltsburg. There is a bank and a fast food place there now. Ray Schamus '79 remember when a big night out was going to Mohans for what was thought to be "fresh" shrimp baskets!!! (Little do they know living in New England now!!!) Bob Riddinger '80 remember sled riding down the hills at Alcoma Country Club, trying to avoid the lake at the bottom. Richard Black remember going to Shire's Pharmacy to buy comic books and smelling the food cooking at Mohan's next store... Richard Black remember walking up to the windows at McD's on Frankstown Rd. to order food, (because that was the only way to order) Ray Schamus '79 remember skating at the ice rink at the Monroeville Mall, and eating Pubba GoGo's ( not sure of spelling) Ray Schamus '79 remember going to East Hills Shopping Center at Christmas to see the little displays in "those boxes" outside in the walkways. And beating your sister to the display to be first to push the button to make the figures move. Ray Schamus '79 remember saving your lunch money to buy your boyfriend that onyx ring with the tiny diamond in the middle for graduation Cassie Mayhorn '70 remember all senior boys had black leather jackets, and if they let you wear it, you were sure it was true love. Cassie Mayhorn '70 remember the building of East Hills Shopping Center, the Double M Dairy,  riding to Hebron School in a Bonomos  taxi cab, old Hebron School with the cloak rooms, moving from the old Hebron School to the new one, the fires at BOTH Hebron Schools, the split of the 2 Junior Highs, McKennas farm, Duffs farm, riding the Deere Bros. Bus across Penn Township, or the Churchill Valley bus to Wilkinsburg to go to Sun Drug, the Rowland Theater, Caldwell and Graham, or the Library.  (1950s in Penn Township).  Dorie *Dunning* Heckman '63 remember what is now Ames was Gold Circle and then Hills Department Store. Nancy *Privett* Griffin 80' remember and recognize the the phrase "top o' the dec" Linda Marbury '70 remember hanging out in front of the bowling alleys in rodi shopping center on rodi rd lynda l veneris/lynda tierney '68 remember the moo shop on frankstown and beulah road hanging with your friends after jr high lynda l veneris/lynda tierney '68 remember hanging at eatn park on frankstown rd and rodi rd to see your  friends drive thru lynda l veneris/lynda tierney '68 remember your friends going off to the viet nam war and some not returning lynda l veneris/lynda tierney '68 remember being at the friday night ymca dance when president kennedy was shot lynda l veneris/lynda tierney '68 remember living on cheese nip crackers for lunch to save up for cigarettes and the $2 donation at weekend barrel parties. Renee Dozzi. '77 remember you spent the first two years of your educational career at Morrow School. Jim McElroy '65 remember having Miss Frisbee as your 3rd grade teacher at Roberts School. Jim McElroy '65 remember you used to hang with Charley Apple while he did his radio show in Monroeville. Jim McElroy '65 remember who Mayor is and considered him the funniest person in the world. Jim McElroy '65 remember delivering The Progress once a week. Jim McElroy '65

... you remember you used to work for Bucky and Mr. Mangold at Casey's. Pierro "Pete" Thompson '71

... you remember being a pain in the butt kid hanging
around Bonomo's Taxi and Exide Battery shop. Pierro "Pete" Thompson '71 remember playing football and baseball on
Walpole Drive. Pierro "Pete" Thompson '71 remember sled riding at Churchill Valley C.C. Mimi Noweck '71 remember going to Churchill Valley C.C to watch 4th of July fireworks.....Mimi Noweck '71 remember roller skating at the Ches-A-Rena, *Cheswick Roller Rink* Mimi Noweck '71 remember going to the 4th of July parades on Frankstown Rd.  and yelling to the fireman to use the siren and beep their horns;  watching the floats go by waiting for them to throw out candy and bubblegum;  waiting for the "Jacks and Jills" to march by so we could see my older sister and the "Donnie Debs" to see Donna and Karen  Baklarz. Mary E. Moran remember that Gold Circle, Hills, and Ames started out as W.T. Grants. Tom Lockhart '71 remember  working at Howard Johnsons on the turnpike. Tom Lockhart '71 remember  the  U S Post Office, Pete's Restaurant, and Tony's 5&10 Cent Store in North Bessemer Marie Hasson
... you remember the  North Bessemer Fire Co. Drum & Bugle Corp practicing  their drills, marching on  Leechburg Rd., getting ready for our next parade, & next carnival. (I remember, I did it!) Marie Hasson One of the majorettes remember the two most coveted items  raffled off every year at the St. Bart's fair...the  #2 most coveted item ....(and a real money maker) was the case of cheer (a case filled with a variety of every imaginable liquor) and the # 1 most coveted raffle item...the notorious annual super fabulous  GOLD CADILLAC ... (ah yeah those were the days..i wonder if they still do that.. hehehe..sorta funny when ya think about it....i never won anything..i just did my job and served sausage, pepper and onion they were pretty darn good...and they made the fair smell pretty good i want one....) susan frank 68' remember being paddled by Mr. Pekich for saying "hey man" in his history class Jeff Stearn, '67 remember Mr. Hemphill pretending to play a stringless violin if you whined about your Algebra II grade Jeff Stearn, '67

...your remember your class ring cost $35 and your parents STILL complained about the high price of class rings Jeff Stearn, '67 remember you wouldn't be caught dead listening to any radio stations but WAMO, WEEP or WMCK Jeff Stearn, '67 remember being heartbroken when WEEP dropped R & B format for country music format Jeff Stearn, '67 remember taking guitar lessons at Cacese Music Store and had Chuck Johnston or Jeannie Salo for a teacher
Jeff Stearn, '67 remember listening to Bob Livorio on WKPA (New Kensington) on Saturday mornings Jeff Stearn, '67 remember your kickin' Friday night was spent going to the movies at the Penn Hills Shopping Center then walking to Supergames and wishing you had just one more quarter for just one more game of Pac-Man or Galaga!  Angela *Moffatt*Dittig  '87 remember your parents disbelief that you put 50 miles on the car and only went to Eat n' Park and McDonalds on Friday night.  Donna BINKLEY Lograsso, '70 remember owning either "High Flying Wine by the Igniters or "Ain't No Big Thing" by the Electrons on 45 RPM record. Jeff Stern '67 remember Mr Porterfield (World Cultures teacher) confiscated your James Bond paperbacks because they were "dirty books"  Jeff Stern '67 remember laughing about people getting extra points in Meisenhelter's chemistry class just for watering the plants. (varsity basketball players, perhaps)? Lee Ball, '71 remember getting crushed when the doors opened at the White Elephant.
Lee Ball, '71 remember seeing the big Motown acts of the day like the Temps and Smokey performing at the County Fair and the Twin Coaches. (One time we pooled our money with who we double dated and bribed some guy to get a stage side table at the Twin Coaches. Left the Twin Coaches penniless and felt great.)
Lee Ball, '71 remember smiling when Porkey Chedwick's excited voice would say "The double WAMO! This station's so hot they gotta call the firetrucks out!"
Lee Ball, '71  remember the KQV portable radio station in a trailer with its windows so you could see the DJ. Lee Ball, '71 remember Lou's Lounge on Frankstown Road having the 300 pound go-go dancer Bill Schwer '75 remember lining up along Frankstown Road in the summer for the Firemans' Parade and then the fair thereafter. Barbara Shaw Wolfe '63

... you remember the Isaly's at East Hills Shopping Center. Barbara Shaw Wolfe '63 remember cruisin' Harmarville Eat-N-Park, going to Glenn's Custard Stand in Cheswick for the best ice cream cones in the entire world. Barbara Shaw Wolfe '63 remember the Swanson's Drug Store soda fountains had the best vanilla phosphate that you could get anywhere. Barbara Shaw Wolfe '63 remember standing in line for hours at Hebron waiting to get your swine flu shots. Barbara Shaw Wolfe '63 remember when part of Hebron Presbyterian burned down. Barbara Shaw Wolfe '63 remember when the very first Penn Hills / Wilkensburg football game had to be played on Saturday afternoon instead of Friday night because of too many fist fights. Barbara Shaw Wolfe '63 remember as a kid you went to the Lexington in East Liberty to roller skate, and also the Treasure Island Store  Barbara Shaw Wolfe '63 remember the old love song-oldies on the Bob LaVorio Show out of New Kensington on Saturday mornings. Some of the oldies were "High On a Hill", "Chains" and so on... Barbara Shaw Wolfe '63 remember Della Sala "Hottest Piece of Pizza Challenges". You ordered D/S's pizza and had the hottest toppings you could get put on it. Each guy ordered for someone else. The loser was the guy who couldn't finish his piece. By the way, the hottest combo was hot sausage, hot peppers, jalapeno's and onion. We'd add some Ret Hot and watch their eyes water while they ate. Ralph Cappella '79 remember going to the Cheswick Quad to see cheap movies and then ate at Rudy's Subs in Cheswick on the way home. Ralph Cappella '79 remember Hangman's Hollow, The Lincoln Cemetery Ghost, The Hermits, and the Secret Path to Washington Elementary. Ralph Cappella '79 remember your parents taking you to “Eddie’s Shoe Store” in Eastwood Shopping Center to buy your new shoes. Barbara Shaw Wolfe ’63 remember Mrs. Saunders’ shorthand classes and Mrs. Naser’s typing classes. In addition, being a student secretary (assigned to a certain teacher), and preparing class papers and tests for that teacher. You ran off the papers and tests on the mimeograph machine. In the back of Mrs. Naser’s typing classroom, there was also another machine in there (which I believe was called a ditto machine). It made copies on tan paper then came out all hot and curled with, was it purple ink on it?  Barbara Shaw Wolfe ’63 remember using carbon paper and onion skin paper to make copies in Mrs. Saunders’ shorthand class and Mrs. Naser’s typing class. There was also such a thing as a typewriter eraser.  Barbara Shaw Wolfe ’63 remember  when Dr. William J. Garner’s office was located across from Ola’s Bar and Grill before being located above Stadtlander’s Drug Store. Dr. Garner was the family doctor to many Penn Hills residents.  Barbara Shaw Wolfe ’63 remember Thad Stevens Grade School and remember Mrs. Geissinger coming every so often for music lessons and we had to sing songs. I can remember something with “Lucinda” in it.  Barbara Shaw Wolfe ’63 remember loafing at the Sun Drug Store located in Eastwood Shopping Center and going with your mom to the S&H Green Stamp Redemption Store (also located in Eastwood Shopping Center). You might also had to go into Buy Wise with your parents while you were in the same shopping center.  Barbara Shaw Wolfe ’63 remember going to the Harmarville Drive-In and the Silver Lake Drive-In. Does anyone remember the fear of going over the Hulton Bridge before it was repaired years ago? It was so rickety it shook. Does anyone remember the old man who was always on the Harmarville side of the bridge selling newspapers? Does anyone remember taking the ferry over to the nine mile, 12 mile islands for parties? (which of course we should not have been at)… Barbara Shaw Wolfe ’63 remember Driver Training classes. Is there still such a thing at the high school? Barbara Shaw Wolfe ’63 remember answering the phone. "I listen to the new sound of 13Q" ?  The top 40's AM station contest to win money. Ray Schamus '79 remember waiting with your brother and sisters for the Budken's icecream/candy truck to come down your street so that you could get "penny candy" or the ever so sticky candy necklace. Sonny Derdock '70 remember being proud to say that you lived in Penn Hills. Now, whenever we about Penn Hills in the news, it's about another shooting and/or drug bust. Dave Testa '76 remember playing the bowling machine at Porter's restaurant with those little brown balls Dave Testa '76 remember waiting every summer day for 'Uncle Charlie' to show up so you could by an ice ball and baseball cards Dave Testa '76 remember the Deere Brothers bus garage on Saltburg road. The Eckerd's Drug store sits there now. Denis Altenburger '70 remember Seneca Junior High School and putting Mr. Kumer's volkswagon on the steps by the gym. Denis Altenburger '70 remember when they would put a star on the top of the chimney of Seneca at Christmas. Denis Altenburger '70 remember the Anchor Inn at the intersection of Sandy Creek and Allegheny River Blvd. Denis Altenburger '70 remember when the Sandy Creek Inn was Robinson's Tavern. Denis Altenburger '70 remember playing a round of golf on Schwere's golf course and going swimming at the Cabana Club. Denis Altenburger '70 remember the duck and cover drills in grade school. Denis Altenburger '70 remember swimming at the Willows in Oakmont during the summer Jeff Stearn '67 remember Jim Quinn before he was a talk-show host; he was a night-time DJ on KQV and used to introduce himself playing Manfred Mann's "The Mighty Quinn" Jeff Stearn '67

... you remember going dancing in the late 60's at Flip's Electric Banana in Monroeville or at the Electric Spider in New Kensington  Jeff Stearn '67 remember the sky divers and fireworks @ the St Bart's festival Mimi Noweck '71 remember Gimbels advertising their "Lilac Days" sale in sky writing Mimi Noweck ''71 went to the donkey basketball games held at Linton School. david behm remember Coal Hollow as a dirt road. Mimi Noweck '71 remember whistling Kenny Scwartzel at Scwartzels store at the top of Universal and Jefferson, swimming at the river at "Big Rock", or going in the Ardmore Drive Inn, in the trunk with one driver. glenn brown '74 remember the bridge over the valley on Green Oaks where the lake and dam are today. Denis Altenburger '70 remember you were the first sophomore class to enter Linton Intermediate School, just finally finding your way around and then being moved to PHHS to get totally lost again!  And seeing those poor little "dye colored peeps" they sold at Easter at Murphy's in East Hills Shopping Center! Donna (Shaner) Ventrice '71 remember the substitute teacher... BIRDMAN   Jim Badali '74 remember coming home from school and watching Adventure time with Paul Shannon.  They showed Kimba the white lion, Space Angel and those wacky and very funny Three Stooges. He would introduce each show by bringing  out a very large sword with fake gems on it and proclaiming " Down goes the curtain and back up again for ......." How about when Paul would tranform into NOS Mo King and would come out onto the stage in a trenchcoat and a mask and pull on a rope dangling from the ceiling.  At Christmas he would read the names on the envelopes  of children who had sent in a letter going to Santa Claus. He then would toss it into the open hatch  of the rocket, then they would launch it to the North Pole .   Jim Badali '74 remember how Mr. Rocke at Seneca Jr. would kick your You know what if you didn’t bust your tail at football practice. Pound for pound, he was one tough guy. John Litz ’70 remember watching the great Hubie Bryant run to daylight at Penn Hills football games when they were playing under the lights at Seneca Jr. John Litz ’70 remember going to Manziones Pharmacy in Rosedale for an ice cream float or a milkshake. John Litz ’70 remember playing basketball under the lights at Rosedale Fire Hall on hot summer nights. John Litz ’70 remember bowling on Saturday mornings at Rosedale Bowling Lanes. John Litz ’70 remember playing shuffleboard at Rosedale Beach Club. John Litz ’70 remember running on the cinder track at Seneca Jr. High. John Litz ’70 remember wondering how you would get along with the students from Penn Junior when you arrived at the high school.. John Litz ’70 remember making $6.00 caddying at Green Oaks C.C. carrying a double 18. Ouch!, and thinking how many Gant shirts you would be able to buy at Horne's in East Hills Shopping Center. John Litz ’70 remember watching the Beatles getting off the plane at La Guardia Airport in New York and then later watching them on the Ed Sullivan Show. I can still hear my father saying "look at those hippies, and that hair, sheeesh!" Guy Ingagliato '70 remember living around Southern Ave, Gaywood Dr, and Parkridge Dr. and "Angelo" coming around in his truck and his ice balls that he'd mix up all the different flavors.. they were the best!! Guy Ingagliato '70 remember Mr. Cunningham's sixth grade class in 1956, at Roberts Elementary, and him arguing vehemently against us having to play those simple flutophones!!! LOL Pam Munson Steadman, '63 remember sled riding at Mt. Carmel cemetery (the side not yet used for its intended purpose!) during the winter, swimming, listening to KQV , having a crush on the lifeguards, tanning and playing cards and shuffleboard all day long during the summer at Eastwood Swimming pool, playing jump rope, roller skating, walking on "stilts", playing kickball, riding bikes, playing tennis, and just about everything else right in the street, being scared to go to "Old Lady Thon's" house at Halloween and being sent home from Thad Stevens Elementary when President Kennedy was shot. Cindy Kerchner '71 remember, putting Mr. Kumer's Volkswagen on the sidewalk in front of the Rosedale Lounge, while he was inside drinking. You also remember, telling him that you were one of the guys who put his Volkswagen on the sidewalk in front of Rosedale Lounge, when you were sitting at the bar with him as an adult.  Michael King remember the Wilkins song, "Easy Credit...easy credit.  Wilkins is the place where you can get it." Pam Munson Steadman, '63 remember "Ida Mae and Happy" on Saturday morning television! Pam Munson Steadman, '63 remember Sir Walter Raleigh and Rockin' Robin of WEEP (before they changed to country) were among your favorite disc jockeys. Jeff Stearn, ''67 remember the 24 hour marathon by Segway the Robot when WMCK became WIXZ. Jeff Stearn, ''67 remember you watched them build East Hills Shopping Center, went to the Eastwood Show on Friday and Saturday nights, Y dances on Frankstown Rd, after home football game you followed the band up the hill to 'Baby Elephant Walk, emptied your dad's gastank in one night cruising between Eat n Park and MacDonalds, wore white lipstick, went swimming at the Willows Pool in Oakmont.  Patty Stahovic '68 remember crazy "8'S"  and super dynamite hangouts.. Kathy Ohm McMullen '79 remember driving up Coal Hollow Road with your Mom & Dad, and looking at the side of the hill near the top always smoking, from mine fires! David Wilson '75 remember every August, your Mom took you clothes shopping for school at Lad & Lassies and DeCaesare's Shoe Store, in Penn Hills Shopping Center! David Wilson, '75 remember being finally old enough to buy your first highly-coveted and cherished "Sir Jac" Baracuda jacket, at Fairs Mens Shop, in Penn Hills Shopping Center!  Was the coolest the navy blue, or khaki?!! David Wilson, '75
... you remember your first day of kindergarten... sitting on the front steps of Trinity Towers [across from Alcoma Golf Course] crying and refusing to re-enter the building.  :-) Frank J. Butala, '83 remember having a crush on Miss Rydeski... and then being evastated when you realized that she'd been married over the summer and there would be "no way" for the two of you to get married when you grew up.  :-) Frank J. Butala, '83 remember racing Mr. Mascara across the rear school playground during gym class. :-) Frank J. Butala, '83 remember when your cat used to follow you to school... and be there, waiting on the path, after the last bell rang.  :-) Frank J. Butala '83 remember walking the halls of Penn Junior... trying to remember the location of your locker. :-) Frank J. Butala '83 remember the "lunch lady" from Washington Elementary [Mrs. Wilson?]. :-) Frank J. Butala, '83 remember the "pet rock" that you made for mom in art class... with felt glued to the bottom [mom still has hers]. :-) Frank J. Butala, '83 remember "school movies" that were shown in the gymnasium/cafeteria/auditorium.  :-) Frank J. Butala, '83 remember the teacher referring to the closet as, "The Cloak Room." :-) Frank J. Butala, '83 remember all the copperhead snakes that came down & crossed over Verona Rd. when they blasted for the new Rosedale elementary school. Bev Weaver remember stopping at Blitzers little shoppe and buying a fudgesicle or creamsicle as you walked home from school. Bev Weaver remember the carnival at the Rosedale Firehouse. Bev Weaver remember the Rosedale Halloween party each year, with free hotdogs, apple cider and donuts if you came in costume. I believe a Mr. Stamen hosted it each year! Bev Weaver remember the strong rivalry between the Penn High/ Wilkinsburg High football teams!  Penn High Indians--Rah; Rah; Rah !!!! Bev Weaver remember loafing outside Swanson's Pharmacy Jeff Cutruzzula "72", Charlottesville Virginia remember not being able to count the number of cuts of DELLA SALLA'S pizza you've eaten in your lifetime!!!  It's still open! D. Wilson '75 remember sitting at the soda foundain at Crescent Pharmacy and drinking vanilla cokes.  Joe Maxwell '63 remember the dances in the basement of the YMCA.  And, in the middle of a song, someone would yell "fight!" and everyone would leave the basement to see the fight.  Joe Maxwell '63 remember days of 15 cents for gas and premium was an outrageous 22 cents per gallon. Denis Altenburger '70 remember attending to Morrow School on Jefferson Rd. and having Mrs. Miller for 1st grade.  And you can smile when you think about Mr. Hester calling you "num-nums" and "yo-yo's". Lisa Friend '77 remember attending Roberts Elementary and you knew Miss McCarey and Miss Randall before they became Mrs. Bauer and Mrs. Bauman in the same year. Lisa Friend '77 remember who "Thunderbolt and Lightning" are. Lisa Friend '77 remember Wayne "Last in His Class" Macuga and his wife Nadine. Lisa Friend '77 remember the time that we had a "walkout" in protest of no student parking lot.  But our class president couldn't join us because he had a court appearance on that day. Lisa Friend '77 remember you or your brother played pee-wee football for the Bantams. Lisa Friend '77 remember that Penn Hills was the only school at Kennywood on our school picnic day because we filled the park. Lisa Friend '77
...your prom was held on the Thursday before Memorial Day. Lisa Friend '77 remember graduating on the football field and it took 3 hours to read all the names. Lisa Friend '77 remember having Mr. Moddick for AP History and he doodled a pile with a pitchfork on your essay because you got too wordy. Lisa Friend '77 remember Kenny Schwartzel, who ran the store at the Intersection.  And he was the only adult that your parents allowed you to call by his first name. Lisa Friend '77 remember The Green Tab. Lisa Friend '77 remember when Pentlong Pharmacy burnt down. Jerry Ilgenfritz '64 remember the weekly Saturday 12 noon test of all of the sirens for the volunteer fire departments. Jerry Labuskes 80 remember getting a rare chance to look through the under water viewing windows at the indoor pool at Linton.  (Some of you didnt even know they had those windows) Jerry Labuskes 80 remember walking to the Turner's Dairy Farm in the summer to hang out, trying to catch the wild kittens in the barn, learning the facts of life from watching the cows and bulls in the field, trying to pull tail feathers from the caged peacocks, and being rewarded for all this with a tiny plastic cow and a chocolate milk. Judy HESS Boitz '76 remember jumping into the ice cold water every summer morning for swim team practice at Highland's Swim Club, and the annual family parties held there. Judy HESS Boitz '76 remember the playground and the fire drills at Morrow Elementary School on Jefferson Road, the janitor Mr. Hester, and meeting old Mrs. Morrow, who lived right next to the school. Judy HESS Boitz '76 remember taking weeks to learn your way around at Linton Intermediate School, and carrying all your books with you because there was not enough time to get to your locker and to the next class before the bell rang. Over 30 years later I still have bad dreams about that place. Judy HESS Boitz '76 remember watching the faces of the students bused in from Lincoln Park as the buses pulled away from the junior high school each day. Judy HESS Boitz '76 remember being a child guest on the Romper Room  and Mr. Rogers shows at the local T.V. studio, and thinking they were just aired locally, not knowing that they were televised nationally. Judy HESS Boitz '76 remember pretending that the old steel mill along the Parkway East was a witch's castle, and holding your breath until you got past it so you wouldn't breathe the poisoned air. Judy HESS Boitz '76 remember watching with incredible pride as my dad, Scout leader Al Hess, marched with the boy scouts in the annual Fireman's Parade, and being jealous of all the boys who passed through our basement on Bryant Drive for Weblos and Cub Scouts meetings. Also, visiting Camp Ligonier on Family Days and wishing I could be a boy scout, too. Thanks to all the many former scouts who attended Dad's funeral in 1994. Judy HESS Boitz '76 remember someone told you you're next class was through the "covered passage" at Linton Junior High, and you thanked them for the time saver. Craig Bigenho remember eating pizza in the parking lot of Della Salla's on Friday night, then cruzin..... Tim Harmon '76 remember going to  church at Saint Barts in the school gym before the "new" church was built. Dave Zerishnek '73 remember when crossing guards were 7th or 8th graders with a white belt and badge. Dave Zerishnek '73 remember climbing the big blue water tower at the St Barts festival to better see the sky divers. Dave Zerishnek '73 remember Brown Derby @ the Monroeville Mall. Monday night was ladies night....25 cents a drink! Hippo's Pub...still there...The V.I.P. dance clubs...Patti Heyl remember getting your first grade class picture, with Mrs. Oliverio,  taken on the hillside next to the OLD Hebron building. Ed McWhirter remember sitting on the sidewalk at Shenandoah School drawing pictures of the last four houses on Idaho Ave. in Mr. Cooper's art class.  Mrs. Hankey was the lunch lady and Mr. Gregory the gym teacher was "cool". remember there was a "party on the hill" every Friday night on Leechburg Road with a $2 P.I. (pitch in) for beer. remember when schools were safe and you were allowed to walk outside to change classes at Linton Intermediate School remember 5 miles thru the streets of Penn Hills,  after school,  with other long-distance runners who actually COULD run,  just for something to do,    Ed McWhirter  '71 remember you KNEW you'd get this OLD...(but you really didn't BELIEVE it).   Ed McWhirter  '71 remember Mr. Troy's business class and Mr. Anthony Miller's Bookkeeping classes and working at the student store in the senior high at lunch time... being paid 15.00 a month for so doing... Patricia Capobianco Rossi  '63 remember goin' up to the A&P to buy a bag of dried beans and a bar of Ivory soap for Devil's night pranks. John Urankar, '74 remember buying a pack of Marlboros at Schwarzel's store at the intersection of Jefferson, Rodi and Univeral  for 50cents then headed over to the pinball wizard next to number 7 firehall to see what was going remember woo-balling your buddy's car while he was at the movies with a date... AJ Grieneisen, '74 remember hanging out at the Pancake House in Monroeville and seeing how many small plates you could accumulate... AJ Grieneisen, '74 remember listening to 'Mother's Oats' at the Penn Hills Swim Club... AJ Grieneisen, '74 remember the homeroom skits for the magazines sales... AJ Grieneisen, '74 remember being chased by Stinky Davis in a golf cart... AJ Grieneisen, '74 remember ice skating dates at the Monroeville Mall.... AJ Grieneisen, '74 remember running behind any number of Flynn's, Carter's or Hoffman's... AJ Grieneisen, '74 remember Strunk's Grocery Store on Verona Rd. and Homestead Rd. Jim Edder Navy Vet. Norfolk VA. PHHS "84" remember Forbes Elementary School on Saltsburg Rd. Jim Edder, Navy Vet. Norfolk VA. PHHS "84" remember going to arts and crafts during the summer at Rosedale Fire hall and the best playground around. Jim Edder Navy Vet. Norfolk VA. PHHS "84" remember getting your first hair cut at Joe's Barber Shop on Verona Rd. by Rosedale Fire hall. Jim Edder Navy Vet. Norfolk VA. PHHS "84" remember sled riding at Green Oak's Country Club. (Took my Son there 6 years ago still great fun.) Jim Edder, Navy Vet. Norfolk VA. PHHS "84" remember Mr. Kumer's big elbow, during Gym and Health class Jim Edder, Navy Vet. Notfolk VA. PHHS "84" remember that great pizza they made at Penn Agua Club, for 35 cents a slice. EHM '71 remember what a big deal it was to be the first 10th-grade class at Linton, Then you revisit the place with your old friend John O'Donnell, and you remember NOTHING, except those little multi-colored tiles on the sides of the building. EHM '71 remember Universal School and Mrs. White and Miss Davidson.  Miss Davidson used to talk about cranking her old Model T to get it started.  Jean Oertel, '62 remember going to Piggly Wiggly's in Homewood to buy beer. Rona Peckich '77 remember going to Crazy Park (Frick Park) to party.
Rona Peckich '77 remember summer vacation's at the Jersey shore. Rona Peckich '77 remember going to Blessed Sacrament (OLMBS).
Rona Peckich '77 remember undying school spirit... 
Rona Peckich '77 remember the school picnics at Kennywood.
Rona Peckich '77 remember what a GREAT time it was growing up in Penn Hills
Rona Peckich '77 remember walking to Pentlong Pharmacy on Long Road, to get a comic book which was only 10-12 cents in the 60's. Jim Badali '74 remember Mrs. Claus as your 1st grade teacher in the old Hebron school on the hill; you were taught the Virginia Reel and square dancing in gym class; or when Donnie Wilson and George Karl took Penn Hills to the state finals in '69. Mark Pie remember Pentlong Pharmacy was where your family went on their way home from work for a quick bottle of ketchup, bread, milk, butcher stuff (Sawdust Through Most Of The Isles), the gumball machines just inside the door, and the soda fountain on the left (which even in the early 60s, was almost a thing of the past). What was that unique smell of the store? I'll bet if you took a couple seconds, you'd remember 40-50 years ago, like it was yesterday. EHM 71 remember the rivalry between Penn Junior and Seneca Junior. Michele Chobanian Lang '75 remember Phil Hemehem, and the announcements about him over the PA system in homeroom. Michele Chobanian Lang '75 remember art with Mr. Kuzmin at Washington Elementary and if you were a lefty, they only had a few pairs of lefty scissors on the big budget LOL.  I remember being in a class with six lefties...and two pairs of lefty scissors.  So then you'd be forced to use right-handed scissors...the kiss of death for a lefty child. Michele Chobanian Lang '75 remember being on bus patrol as a sixth grader, wearing that white belt and badge, a teacher calling out room numbers for students to run to the rooms to board buses in what seemed like 30 seconds or less, and then you got on the bus and patrolled the bus aisle as if you were Penn Hills Cop of the Year! Michele Chobanian Lang '75 remember art class at Penn Junior with Miss Matone, and how she let us play 45s on the record player for creativity in the art room.  "Love on a Two-Way Street," "Hey There, Lonely Girl" and "Grazin' in the Grass"  were played over and over and ooooooover again  (C'mon, sing along:  I can dig it he can dig it she can dig it we can dig it they can dig it you can dig it, oh let's dig it, can you dig it baby?)  Funny thing, art projects never improved! Michele Chobanian Lang '75 can remember when there were a multitude of elementary schools, two Junior High Schools (7th & 8th grades), one Middle School (9th and 10th grades) and one Senior High School (11th & 12th grades). Dean Meixner '87 remember the girls one piece gym uniforms Barb '72 remember trying to get back into the overturned canoe in swimming class at Linton Barb '72 remember 100's of kids Barb '72 remember 3 in a seat per school bus Barb '72 remember flying down Hunter Rd. to Wm. McKinley before they built Shenandoah Barb '72 remember going out just to ride around, going nowhere and everywhere and doing it all night Barb '72 remember watching Chiller Theater Barb '72 remember how long commencements took Barb '72 remember when the policemen were shot at East Hills SC Barb '72 remember realizing now, how blissfully innocent we were. Barb '72 remember the canoe-thing at Linton, that someone remembered above (talk about a tucked away memory!) Ed McWhirter '71 remember that strong chlorine smell of the new pool? Ed McWhirter '71 
... you remember arts and crafts during summer vacation at Ben Franklin Elementary and watching 4th of July fireworks at Longue Vue Country Club.  Maura McIntyre Oravik, '84 remember the uh, "lovely" choices we girls had in gym suits...quite the fashion statement!  Dark blue bloomer-types or orange and white polyester striped one piece zip ups.  Additionally, the humiliating task of having to pick a gym suit out of a box of used or old ones if you forgot your own to wear for class? the way, hi to everyone from my class!... Carol Lombardo '77

... you remember the Ches-a-Rena, white lipstick and white go go boots, swimming at the Willows pool in Oakmont, getting kicked out of the Willows pool in Oakmont. Going to The Oaks movie theater, Honking your horn when you drove under the trestle bridge in Bessemer. 100's of those yellow plastic inserts for your 45rpm records. Home made prom dresses, being allowed to wear pant suits to school. The cut offs on Allegheny River Blvd. Getting our first color TV. Guys & Dolls Bowling on the lower level. Taking your drivers test on your birthday, cruising that night. Feathers Bakery, Cowdricks store( Across from Porters.)  Surrounded by love and laughter, being safe and happy.  BEH '72 remember the class of 1971 reunion, and you start singing in your head..."you keep me searchin for a heart of gold, and I'm gettin old". EHM '71 can remember buying auto parts at the only store in town, Penn Hills Auto Parts,  behind the A&P store; and street racing every Sunday nite down on Frankstown, known as the Frankstown 500 by the Penn Hills Police (Gene Gross, rest his soul)  JT '76

.... you remember kissing your girl on the "dark rides" at Kennywood for so long you didn't know what the ride was about... and didn't care. Bobby Williams '72 remember going to Forbes Road East Vo-Tech and running the school because there were so many of us there, having study halls in the auditorium, and having three shifts for lunch because of the sheer number of students. Phil Cardone '79

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