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Some Important Suggestions

  • PLEASE... if you change your e-mail address, e-mail us at and we will be HAPPY to update your profile with your new e-mail address. Please make sure you give us your name at graduation and your graduation year.

  • PLEASE...copy our address to your "Favorites" list by clicking the Add to Favorites on the Potpourri page. Then you won't be scratching your head trying to remember the address!

  • PLEASE...tell all of your Penn Hills friends and teachers (there is a teachers profile section) about the website. Penn Hills People is maintained 100% by "word of mouth".

  • PLEASE...take advantage of the "Penn Hills Photo Album". If you have pictures that you would like to display at the site, such as before and after or family photos, simply e-mail them to us at and we will be HAPPY to set up a page in the site especially for you.

  • PLEASE...don't forget that we have a "Bulletin Board" page where you can add your comments, or start discussions about anything that's on your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I update my profile once it is entered? This is definately the MOST asked question of any that we get. Your profile can be updated, however, you cannot do it without our help.  At any time, when you want to change, add, delete, etc. any part of your profile, you can do so either by: A. contacting us at with any changes that you want to make and we will go in ASAP and make those changes for you. We will then e-mail you to let you know the changes have been made or, B. entering an entirely new profile with all of the changes added at that time, and then e-mailing us at notifying us that you created a new profile. We will then go in ASAP, delete your entire original profile, and then e-mail you to let you know the deletion is complete. Either way you choose is fine with us, so choose which method is more convenient for you. WHENEVER YOU E-MAIL US, ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR NAME AT THE TIME OF GRADUATION AND YOUR GRADUATION YEAR!
  • Is this site associated with the Penn Hills School District? Yes it is.  "Penn Hills People" can also be found on the Penn Hills School District website. Go to and click on "About Us" on the left, and then "Information". Scroll down until you see PH Alumni under "Community Links"; click on "Penn Hills People", and you will arrive at our home page. Or you can simply go to Yahoo Search and type in "Penn Hills People" (click on Penn Hills Potpourri, that's us).


  • How often can I change the info on my profile? As often as you wish. Just make sure you notify us at of your desire to do so. Always include your name at graduation and your graduation year.
  • What does it cost to advertise my home business at this site? We do not charge Penn Hills People a fee to advertise their businesses (added as a link to your web page), however we do accept donations to help defray the cost of running the Penn Hills People website.
  • I want to add my profile but want my e-mail address to be kept private. What can I do? This site was originally set up so that individuals could exchange e-mail addresses without paying fees or becoming "premium members".  However, if you would like to keep your e-mail address private and only available to your known friends, enter your profile as normal, without entering your e-mail address. Then in the Comments section paste: NOTE: If anyone is interested in contacting me, please e-mail the Webmaster at and they will forward a message to me. Then finally, e-mail us at with your privacy request; when anyone contacts us with a request to notify you, we will forward that e-mail to you. You can then particiapate, remain private, and still hear from old friends!
  • Why can I not update my profile myself? When we set up the profile pages we had several formats to choose from. Some allowed the entrant to do the update themselves, however we chose ours so that we can control it. We realize that there will be all age groups, adults and children accessing this site. We at Penn Hills People maintain the right to edit any inappropriate materials, comments, or insertions.  So when anyone makes an entry, we know about it, view it, and are able to control it.  Therefore, no one has to worry or be concerned about viewing questionable material at this site.
  • Can I add a link from your site to mine and vice versa? You certainly can, just e-mail us at with your request and we will set up a link to your site. However, please realize that we will not link to a site that contains questionable or adult themes or materials.
  • How can I have my photos added to this site? The easiest way is to e-mail your scanned photos to . If you do not have a means to scan photos, when you have your photos developed you can request the developer to put your photos on a disc. Once they are on disc you can e-mail them to us. 


  • Do you make money running this site? That's a big NO! Penn Hills People does not charge fees to participate in the site. In fact, we are charged by Tripod, Lycos, and Bravenet for the use of disc space and bandwidth.  
  • How can I make a donation to this website? Penn Hills People does not require that anyone pay fees or contribute to the site. However, if you wish to make a donation to help defray the rising costs of maintaining Penn Hills People, you can click on the PayPal button on the Donations to Penn Hills People page. Any donation amount would be greatly appreciated and acknowleged on our Thank You page. Edit Text

Thank you for all of your continued support. We REALLY do appreciate it. Webmaster

If you would like to donate to Penn Hills People, please click on the PayPal icon.

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