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Dear Friends of Penn Hills People:
This website was started in late 2001 so that I could re-connect with and stay in touch with my old friends from Penn Hills High School. Over the past year it has been an exciting adventure designing and maintaining the site. Based on e-mails that I receive daily, Penn Hills People is enjoyed by many people who still love our hometown, and have re-connected with old friends.
At its conception, as a small site, Penn Hills People was free for me through Tripod and easy to maintain. Now it has grown to the point that Tripod is charging me bandwith and disk space fees,        (PAGE VIEWS: Jan. 2003, Your site had 264 page views yesterday. Total page views this month: 11234).  Even though the site takes up about 20 hours a week of my time, I absolutely love it and cannot envision ever shutting it down.          
If you have found the site enjoyable, and wish to participate in a small way by helping to defray some of the cost of maintaining it, we at Penn Hills People would really appreciate your help. If you would like to send a check, send it payable to:   J. Derdock,  P.O. Box 44  Laurel, Md 20725-0044  
Please do not send any money if you have not found Penn Hills People to be of value to you. If no one decides to participate with me in defraying the cost, I will continue to maintain it and totally enjoy it. However, if you do wish to help, I am planning on adding a "Friends of Penn Hills People" page to the site and list the names of contributors (unless you wish to remain anonymous). Thank you for any help you can give.
Penn Hills People
Sonny Derdock (PHHS '70)
p.s. I also appreciate your prayers...

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