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Penn Hills Potpourri

Fundraiser for Christen Belin

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Fundraiser to help injured woman

Friends, neighbors and family members are pulling together to help a Penn Hills girl who was injured in a tragic fall earlier this month, by hosting a spaghetti dinner fundraiser in Plum.
Christen Belin, 23, who grew up in Penn Hills, was injured while walking to her home with her boyfriend in Oakland in the early hours of May 3. Belin took a shortcut, which involved climbing a seven-foot chain link fence. Belin was unaware of the huge drop off behind the other side of the fence. When she got to the other side, she turned and plummeted 20 feet to the cement below.
"Shocked" is all her mother, Lisa George, could say when asked about the call she received that morning. George got the news from a social worker at UPMC Mercy hospital and has been there since. Belin is on life support and in a medically induced coma. "At this time, the doctors can't say much about her recovery," said George. "Her injuries are too severe."
But George is holding out hope, as are friends and other loved ones of the family. Marylou Battista and Debbie Greco, who are family friends, are spearheading the June 7 fundraiser for Belin to help ease the family's financial burden. Money raised will help with Belin's financial responsibilities during her recovery, and any long-term care needed.
Belin recently graduated from Carlow University with a degree in art history. She also wanted to attend graduate school to pursue her dream of working with special needs children visiting museums.
She completed an internship at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and was just chosen for a part-time graduate assistantship at Seton Hall, said her mother.
Belin's love for the arts, combined with her love of books, opened her eyes to the world outside.
"She wanted to travel around the world," said George.
Belin would probably shy away from any attention, based on her mother's description.
"Christen is very humble and reserved," she said. "She has a beautiful heart and soul as well as a contagious laugh."
If you want to go:
Where: Clover Commons, off of Abers Creek Road in Plum
When: Sunday June 7
Time: 1 – 5 p.m.
Tickets are $8 for adults and $4 for children 12 and under. Take out is available.
For more information contact Marylou Battista at 412-795-6186 or Debbie Greco at 724-274-5596.

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