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Penn Hills Landmark Burns Down

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Owner, Family Deal With Loss After Penn Hills Fire
PENN HILLS (KDKA) ― The fire marshal is investigating the cause of an intense fire that erupted at a Penn Hills landmark early this morning.

Crews were called to that fire around 4:45 a.m. in the 4000-block of Verona Road at the former Hippo's Pub.

The fast-moving flames engulfed the building and tied up traffic around that area.

Officials tell us the three-story building was vacant. Fire crews say the blaze was so intense the center floors in the building collapsed and the walls started to split.

Crews brought in equipment for a controlled collapse.

"We definitely what it to be a controlled situation so that nobody's injured in the process," said Diane Fitzhenry, the Penn Hills Deputy Clerk.

Also, early this morning crews had to close down several major roads in that area as they battled the blaze.

Officials say those roads have now reopened.

Meanwhile, the owners of the building are dealing with the loss.

"It's very hard to watch. This was one of the most popular bars in Penn Hills, you couldn't even get a parking space here when my sister ran it," said Guy Pratillo, the owner's brother-in-law. "It's a fabulous place."

Stay with KDKA for the latest developments.

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