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Penn Hills Potpourri

New Highlands Aqua Club Photo

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 This photo was sent to us from Lee "Beachball" Ball, PHHS '71. If you can identify any of the kids in this photo, the coaches, or the year it was taken, please e-mail us at and we will post the names.
Thank you,

Highlands Aqua Club Swim Team, Circa 1964-65

Click on photo for larger view.

Row 1: 1-Joanie Meyers, 2- Diane "Cissy" Dobrick, 3-Maureen McCauley, 5- Wendy Braun, 6-Marie Nardiello, 7- Janet Hiller, 8-Patty McCauley, 10-Patty Thibault, 11-Diane Jarrett, 12-Chris Finley, 14- Ms. Wymer, 15-Cathy Gardner, 16-Sherry Duff, 17-Janet Niehouse

Row 2: 1-Gordie Minto, 2- Rick Cavanaugh, 3-Doug Minto, 4-Greg Polansky, 5-Jim Moxie, 7-Fred Wymer, 8-Chuck Thorn, 9-Ron Duff, 10-Mike Meyers, 11-Ross Thibault, 12- Scott Williams, 14-Bob Braun, 16-Ken Morgan

Row 3: 1-Tom Mitnick, 2-John Van Atta, 3-Pete Longdon, 4-Skip Gibbon, 5-Chad Dobrick, 6-Peggy McCauley, 8-Sandy Genday, 9-Barbara Moxey, 10-Sue Nardello, 12-Karen Wainer, 13-Lynn Getz, 16-Sandy Morgan, 20-Dick Marks, 21-Dave Slattery

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