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Penn Hills Potpourri

Penn Hills People Want To Know...

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wondering.jpgFrom time to time "Penn Hills People Want To Know", and we don't always have an answer... Can anyone help us?

Q From Susan Walsh
I'm wondering if you can tell me where the photo of the old Duff farmhouse came from, or who provided it for the website? (It's a photo of a photo in an album, in the "Signs" section on the site.) I think that's the "farmhouse" on Nelbon Ave that was, when I grew up there, made into apartments, and which was part of the property that included the old barn and the woods where we played.  I would love to know more about it, and perhaps see other photos...?  Any info you can provide will be very gratefully received! Susan Walsh

QFrom Ben Cupp
Last summer I purchased a home off of hunter road, in the greenridge estates. The previous owner knew that the house was old, as it was converted from a farm house. It has a hand dug well, cistern and has been added onto countless times. I noticed on your "You know you're over the hill and from Penn hills if.." site had a person "Barb '72" talking about hunter road, and was hoping that person or others could give me some information about the house, what was previously there, and any other information about the house. Please let me know if you have any information at all, or know anyone that does! Thank you, Ben Cupp

Q From Jan Gibson '68 Trinity H.S. Washington, PA:
"I don’t have a picture but I have a question. It’s buggin’ the heck out of me!  There was an attraction [at Kennywood] that was not a “ride” but you walked through it.  It was like a storybook or something – I can remember small snatches of scenery – like the front of a store with toys in the window.  Can anyone remember what this was called?"
A I believe you may be thinking about Boot Hill at West View Park. I seem to remember a general store in part of the ride.
A The answer to Jan Gibson's question about a storybook entrance is Storybook Forest in Ligonier.  Michael J Deeb

Q From David Stonage, '75
"What was the largest Penn Hills graduating class and how many were there?"   
A I believe it was 1977-1252 graduates. Mary Natlis Waldbaum '76 
AThe Class of 1975 graduated1309 students.

Q From Gary and Thadine Hilinski '71
"My husband and I are wondering if anyone out there remembers Gary Hilinski's black room; if so we would love to hear from you.."

Q From T. Smith  '61
"Does anyone know the whereabouts of the "Entering Penn Hills" sign that Bob Moelber (class president '61) and I "borrowed" from Bealuh Road and
Churchill Valley CC  circa 1961? It graced the dorm walls at Slippery Rock and then made it south to WVU  for awhile. Whereever it was displayed everyone knew there was somebody proud to be from Penn Hills!!!!" 

Q From Ray Schamus...
"Who wrote the Penn Hills Song?" "Oh Penn High School, our best we pledge to you. The days that we have spent here, we always will hold dear. Oh RED and GOLD, staunch friends we are foretold. Forever we'll be loyal to our Penn High School..."
A I think, but am not sure, the Alma Mater was written by Fred Williams, the long time band director at Penn Hills.
A I asked my dad, who graduated from Penn Hills in 1940 and he thought it was written by classmate Betha Jane Keller. He consulted his yearbook and she was credited with another Penn Hills song appearing on the same page as the alma mater, however it was not clear whether she also wrote that song. John Davis

Q From Dolly Albright (Hornick) '79
"Could you tell me how many were in the graduating class of 79? I was one of many I know that".
A Verified by Ed Hoover....1169, number of Grads in 1979; Submitted by Ray Schamus, thanks, Ray



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