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Penn Hills Potpourri

Reunion Plans

Find out or ask about Reunion Plans here...

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If anyone from the Class of '75 is holding some kind of reunion please add me to the list. Charlene "Charley" Stevick Hannagan.

Is anyone is planning a reunion for the class of '71? Patty Hamley Holland

Valerie Wolslayer is starting to plan 84's reunion for November 27th or 28th.  Please email contact information to:

It will be 36 years since we graduated and the last reunion we had was the 25th. Anyone planning on having a reunion anytime soon?. Does it have to be a 40th before we would decide to have another one? Anyone who would be interested in planning a reunion for the class of '73, contact me at Maybe a bunch of us could get together and plan something. Audrey Monaco "73

Will there be a 50th class reunion for the class of 1960? If so when and where? Kenn McClinton 

I only attended the 10 year reunion.  We moved, no forwarding at that time.  Wondering if there is a program or list of updates from those who attended past reunions. Thanks for your help!  I am interested in who may have passed on. Rose Marie Pirozzi, '70

I wonder if anyone is interested in getting a reunion together for the class of '69?
Linda (Aiello) Thompson

Penn Hills Class of '79 is planning our 30th reunion; anyone interested in being on the planning committee please contact:  Thank  you.
Carrie Lynn Good
83 Orchard Street
McKees Rocks PA 15136
Class of '79

The class of PHHS 1967 just held their 40th reunion this past July.  It was so wonderful seeing everyone and the committee has decided that we should not wait five years to have get togethers.  We meet monthly for dinner locally and would love to have any classmates join us.  We are also planning a Xmas party in Nov. 30th.  Next summer we will be having a social and golf outing on the last weekend of July, and hope ot make this a yearly event.  Please email Sandy Williams Pawlyk at for more information...we would love for you to join us! If interested in attending our Christmas Party...please contact Sandy Williams Pawlyk at 412-749-9349 or email me at

Reunion for the Penn Hills Class of 1959
Contact:  Wesley S. Semple
July 18, 2009
Churchill Valley Country Club

Hello, this is Bill Purnell. I am also an 83' graduate. Each of you, on Penn Hills Potpourri, requested someone contact you with info on a PH class of 1983 25th reunion. ~ Has anyone responded to your inquiries. ~ Do any of you have news on a 25th reunion? Please let me know. I have heard nothing and I was informed about every reunion the class has had; 5yr., 10yr., 15yr. (I think?) I attended the 20th reunion. Actually I had too much info on those reunions. That's is what is so weird about this time. You'd think the 25th would be a biggie yet, I have had no word. STRANGE! Thank you, Bill Purnell '83

Is there going to be a 30 years class reunion for the class of 1978? If so when, where and what would i have to do to go to it? Please get back to me as soon as possible. I would strongly appreciate it. Thanks, Betty Ann Lawson

I would appreciate any information if there will be an upcoming class of 1978 thirty yr reunion. Thank you, Claire Pinyot '78

Is there any information or a contact person about a reunion for the Penn Hills Class of 1983?  I would appreciate any information you may have. Thank you. Victoria A. Colcombe

Is there going to be a  30 yr reunion for class of 1978? Haven't heard anything about it.

Please contact me with Class of '83 reunion plans. Thanks.  ~Frank Butala

I've never received an invitation for any of the Class of '70 reunions.  Will there be a reunion in 2010? Thank you. Kathleen Fahey (Molinaro)

I am a member of the class of '83 living in New York,  wondering about the 25th reunion...haven't made others but this one has to be a pip....and my curiousity is beyond peaked....any news please e-mail me.... Michael Damp

Class of 1959 . We will start with  a cocktail party on Friday July 17, 2009. Dinner will be at Churchill Valley CC on Saturday (July 18Th) with Charlie Apple as our DJ. Sunday we will conclude with a picnic at Carol Hall Brady's farm.  Information can be obtained from Wesley Semple- 626 Tara Court Pittsburgh, PA 15237. Call 412-367-9387 or

Are there any plans for a reunion for the class of 1984.  We've only had a 10 year and we're now coming up on 25!  Amy Anderson

I was wondering if a reunion is being planned for our 50th? My wife and I would like to attend. Please let us know at Tom Sailley

When is the Penn Hills High School 30th year reunion? DAN C. ORNDOFF

Penn Hills Class of 1988 is starting to plan their 20th class reunion.  Julie Esposito/Madera is in the very initial stages of planning.  So, if you are in touch with any '88 graduates, please email them or contact Julie so she can update information w/  Julie only has a couple of people on a committee so if you are interested, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Julie's email is

Anyone with information about reunion plans for the Class of 1983 please e-mail the Webmaster ASAP at

Does anyone know if there is a 40th reunion for my class of 1968?? Thank you, Ed Fiala

Any word yet on a 25 year reunion for the class of 1983?  Let me know...

I am wondering if and when there will be another reunion for the class of 1980. I have missed them all and would love a chance to visit with some folks from the high school era. Pandi, Pat Rideout '80

I would like to be informed of any plans for the class of '88 20 year reunion!  Thanks, Katie (Nilan) Ross

I am looking to find out if there would be a 35th re-union or not...James Gilmore '73

Several of class of '73 members are trying to get together this summer on the 35th year since leaving high school. Interested e-mail me at Hope to hear from you classmates Don Boyd

Is there was going to be a reunion next year for 1978 graduates? David Johnson '78

Does anyone know about plans for class of '73 reunion? It will be 35 years this coming June that we graduated. I live in Phoenix. Anyone with info, please e-mail me at Thank you,  Don Boyd '73       

Any news about the 40th reunion of the class of 1968? I have not been able to attend any reunion and figure I better get to the next one before it is to late. Thanks. Mitzi ( Michelle Leslie) '68

We are organizing the class of 1987’s 20th reunion to be help November 23rd at Edgewood CC. Additional information can be found at or by emailing Roberta Seneca '87

I was Emilie Riley, class of 1984.  Now Emilie Nesbitt, currently at 754 Glendale road, Wilbraham, MA  01095.  Any info on a reunion?

Anyone have info on our 20 year reunion?? Bruno Cappella '88

I am looking for any information on the Class of 1988 20 year union.  Any information, I can be reached at pgsjy@aol.comJoy Pegues.

What a blast the Class of '67 had, starting with the tour of the high school  and ending with Kennywood! Over 300 attended the events.  A special thank you to the wonderful committee who made the "67" class the best ever! A special thank you to all the people who stayed at the Comfort Inn ! What a great time! And I must compliment my roomies Pam Barnett and Lisa Arena -Wow, were we great or what! An extra hoorah to Gary Weinberg for his "Charlie" to our Angels!!!!! Pat Hockenberry! Can't wait till next time-our 60TH BIRTHDAY PARTY IN FLA!

I am interested in class on 1987 class reunion. Any info please e-mail Missy Todd at

I'm a former student (class of 1988). Do you know if there are any plans for a 20th reunion? Kathleen Whalen

Are we ever going to have a reunion? I've been waiting for a long time and still nothing. Will help on a committee to plan. Stephanie Stairs Knopsnider

There is a class reunion for 1977 being planned; for more information please contact Leo Bickert at

I would like to be added to the list for the next reunion.  Please email me at Mary Beth (Humphreys) Wilkins '75

Big 35 is coming up- no plans yet? I am in Dublin, Ohio and would like to know if we are doing a 35 year reunion. Usually at Thanksgiving. Let me know. Linda Rodgers... (Was LINDA JENDRASIK CLASS 1972)

Graduated from Penn High 1958. Would like any info on class reunions for  that year. Went to our tenth, but then never was contacted again. We've  moved a few times, that may be the reason. My e-mail is  
Thanks,  Joyce (Shafer) Newcamp

The Class of 1967 is planning a 40 YR Class Reunion the weekend of July 27th, 28th, and 29th of 2007.  We will be offering a selection of events throughout the weekend, including a tour of the high school, a Friday night social, Saturday golf outing, ladies luncheon, dinner dance at the Edgewood country club, and he finale...a Sunday at Kennywood.  Don't miss this memorable or call Sandy Williams Pawlyk at 412-749-9349 to receive information or if you know the whereabouts of a 1967 alumni, please let us know.

Where in the world are many of my 1976 classmates?  The reunion committee is looking for you!  Contact me at . Jan Johnson '76

The class of 1992 is having their reunion in early November, 2006. Please contact Kimmie Soriano at for all the details. If you know anyone from the '92 class, please let them know about it!

I have not received any information about reunions in years and would like to attend any reunions that might be coming up.  In case my address has been lost I will include it with my e-mail.  Thank You very much. Robert Quealy'71

I am trying to obtain information on Penn Hills Senior High School's Class of 1986 20th year reunion. If you have any information could you please email me the details? Thank you, Debbie Belin

Penn Hills Class of '56 will be celebrating our 50th Year Reunion on September 23, 2006 at Oakmont Country Club. For information contact Mike Robinson  (800) 793-0447 or

I understand there's a 30th class reunion.  I've gone to all except one and would like to be a part of this reunion as well.  Please email me with any information available. Thank you, Debbie

Invitations have recently been sent out for the class of 1966  40th reunion September 15th and 16th 2006.  Three events planned, Friday evening informal get together at D'Imperio's Restaurant in Monroeville,  Saturday morning golf outing, for those interested, and the main event Saturday evening at the Alcoma Golf Club.  For details  you can e-mail or call Trudy (Ricci) Rossi at or 412-373-4416 or Dorothy Fratangelo at 412-373-1374. 

For information regarding our 25th Reunion on Labor Day Weekend, 2006, click on, or e-mail Thanks so much, Rosemary (Farabaugh) Darr '81

 Plans in the making for Penn Hi Class of 51 --our 55th--August 12, 2006 at Holiday Inn in Monroeville, Pa. Any info on class mates are welcome- Dolores email:

I'm trying to obtain information on the Penn Hills High School Class of 1966 Reunion this year.  If you could give me any help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. Ron Easterly

Can anyone let me know if there is anything planned? You can email me at, Thanks, Cindy Fazio '75

To whom it may concern,
My cousin Aaron Verse is planning on going to our reunion this November, but where can he call to say he is coming, and how much is it ? Thanks so much, I won't be there, we are going to Deep Creek  Maryland.  Thanks again, Alicia Murphy Smith '85  


Is a reunion planned for the class of 1975? Thanks for the help. Barbara Girdich McKeever

I received a postcard in the mail about a 25 year reunion for the class of 1980. Anyone with info on who is setting this up would be appreciated. Thanks. Bob Riddinger '80

I am trying to find out if there is a 30th class reunion planned for the class of '75. Please let me know via email: Thanks Rain Trombino Lehman


I graduated in 1953 -- we had our 50th reunion celebration and are planning another this year. We still have a number of persons who we cannot locate. I have tried a number of freebies online . . any suggestions would be so appreciated. Sincerely, Sarah Kern Rochester '53

Does anyone know if a 30 year reunion is being planned for the class of 1975? Thanks, Paul Butala '75 

Is there a 30 year class reunion for class of 1975? Rose Kass

Hey class of 1975! It's been thirty years!...are there any reunion plans being made for this year?   Dave Maxwell '75

 Can any one tell me if someone is planning a 30 year reunion for the class of 1977? Renay (Atkinson) Arrington

Let me know if there will be a reunion - somewhere between Maine, Michigan & Florida? Jim (James L.) Kammert '55

I missed my 10 year reunion,  the class of 1979, and was hoping for my 25th as my brother Gary Fischer was invited last year and was a year ahead of me.  I still have yet to hear about a reunion and was wondering if it is going to happen; please reply!  Thanks, in advance!  Joyce Main (Fischer)

I'm looking for Class of '84 reunion information (if it is available).  Anything that you can forward will be appreciated. Thank you, Brian Lincoln

Class of '79: Since it seems that we do not have a reunion planned---If anyone would like to help me plan a reunion for ASAP, please email me! Don't know what has happened, but we need a reunion!!  Thanks, Cindy Hatok

I am trying to find out any info on the Penn Hills Sr. High School 1974 class reunion. Thanks!! Diane Steele '74 

Looking to book a band for any Penn Hills Class Reunion? I am a Penn Hills Alumni (Class of 80') and I play in and book several bands that can provide entertainment/dancing music for class reuinion. We have many styles including Rock & Roll, R&B, Music from the 60's & 70's, Swing, Jazz, Ballads, etc.....  The bands include an R&B Band w/ Vocalists, Jazz Quartet, Jazz Combo (6 or 7 piece) and Big Band w/singer. For more information contact Deb Weible at

 Postponed: Due to some planning issues, the Class of 1984 Reunion will be postponed until the Spring -- late April/early May.  Details to follow soon. If you would like to get involved, please contact Valerie Wolslayer

Announcing the 50-Year Anniversary All-Class Reunion of St. Bart’s School Alumni!!! For more info and to get an invitation,contact Doreen Casey whose email address is

Class of 1979 reunion? Is there anyone planning a reunion this year for the class of 1979?  It is our 25th year?  As far as I know we have only had a 10 year reunion?  Who exactly is suppose to be in charge of planning a high school reunion? Thank you, Carrie Good '79

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